My Birthday Wish

So much has happened in such a short amount of time, I haven’t even been able to sit down and write about it. 2018 started with a bang and it has been constant ever since. Ups and downs, crazy hard times, fun trips, and a whole lot of moving. Where are we currently? Temporarily placed in a hotel for the next 30 days with a few rounds of moving between actual hotel rooms. Because, well, you know, the gypsy life is never dull. After 5 and a half short months we moved back to the States. While there were many other factors determining this unforeseen move, some good, some bad I personally am grateful for the time we had there, but also glad to be back in the Good Ole’ America. I can say with force that the Expat life is nothing short of boring and one we chose very willingly. But life moves on and only God can surely know what will be next. Sometimes the unknown that lays before us is exciting, albeit a bit of a stressor. My husband has a new job that will be quite a change for us as a family but other than that, it is all I know about the future.

Today is my birthday and while I was hoping everyone would forget, and I could remain 32, sadly Facebook has a loud mouth. Okay fine. I am not 32…After 32 I stopped counting anyway.

Since the plane has landed back stateside, the anxiety of what’s to come and where we will be hasn’t subsided. However, it is the little things that make me comfortable and happy being home. The cicadas sweet sound, the warm summer air, the waves crashing, the southern accents, and being close to family and friends. It’s better here. It’s home. (It also has Chic-fil-a and Target, so who could argue with that?)

As we wait on pins and needles to know exactly what will happen, I realize how I’ve changed. Through all the travel and moving I never knew exactly WHAT was missing. It’s a real home. A place that I will lay my head at night, time and time again. Where my children will grow up. Where thanksgiving dinner will be served, and our newest little bundle of amazing will come home to. To have family around when he is born is the greatest gift I could ask for. Sure, and Italy born baby would have been cool, but so is having lots of helping hands and love.

As I blow out my candles this birthday, I say a little pray about where life is taking us now. I hope for a chance at that more permanent home, to find a little peace in all the craziness, and to be able to have that sigh of relief that we no longer live out of our NorthFace bags that currently lay strewn on the floor.

Life has brought us so much, I’m so thankful for the opportunities we have had to travel and live abroad. I’m sure we are not done traveling, not by a long shot. But home is definitely where my heart is and I’m very glad to be back here.


One thought on “My Birthday Wish

  1. So glad y’all will be getting a new home where I can come & visit (of course Texas would be great)!! God willing I will be there for the third little boy & take care of the other two! Hope you had a peaceful birthday because I know it has been crazy for y’all lately. Love y’all

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