Oh, Baby! Collins 3.0

As many of you know, we are expecting baby #3! I am super excited. Let me take you back a couple of months.

I found out I was pregnant back in February. I had previously taken a test and it was negative. I just kept feeling maybe I was even though there was not one sign to lead me to that conclusion. I decided to take another one a few days later pretty much thinking it will say negative again. I stood in the bathroom trying not to look, then finally I took a peek and saw two lines, one being very faint. However the lines were really close together.. I was like “dang, I bought a corrupt test”. For some reason my brain was not processing what I was seeing and literally it was 5 minutes until I realized it was a positive. I still didn’t believe it for some reason so I grabbed a digital and it took FOREVER and finally blinked “pregnant”. I still don’t know why I was in denial. Maybe because my love affair with wine was coming to an abrupt halt without time to say goodbye. Maybe because It happened so fast, maybe because it is just a shock to know you have a human in your belly.

I immediately tried to decide the cutest way to tell my husband. We were set to go to Charleston that weekend coming up and I thought why don’t I tell him there! I got on Etsy, ordered a cute “Big Brother” shirt for Zane and sent it straight to Charleston. Later on that day, Hank comes home and started talking about NOT going to Charleston but we’d decided tomorrow. I emailed the girl who makes the shirt and told her to wait to send til tomorrow. Of course once I told her to send and we decided to go, last minute our trip was canceled. It had been a whole day since I found out and I’m super terrible at keeping something like that from my husband for that long… I totally screwed it all up, printed out a “Hey daddy I’m going to be a big brother” note and had Zane hand it to Hank. Of course Zane ran the other way, and Hank had to swat it out of his hands… It wasn’t the best laid plan but it got the point across…

Like I said, I can’t hold in secrets especially ones to do with precious babies! We agreed not to tell anyone for a while. All that announcement stuff is dorky anyway. I THOUGHT I had convinced my husband to let me announce it on the blog… turns out he didnt agree. We got in a tiff about it because he really did want to do something special since obviously we needed to tell people at some point but maybe wait til we knew the gender. I took down the post since it wasn’t up long. Most of the people who saw it already knew.

Skip to a few weeks later: AN Actual Surprise

Our new besties here in Italy had scheduled to cook for us at their home. John is an exceptional cook dating back to his days at Carraba’s. We were dying for some authentic Chicken Marsala and believe it or not, you can’t find Marsala sauce in these parts. Hank had just gotten home from being in America and he was tired. I was so excited to get out of the hotel and eat some yummy food that did NOT come from a box. We ended up going to the NEX ( the store on base thats like a target) to get some baby stuff that had gone on sale. We scored some great stuff like high chair, baby bouncer, blankets and other various items. I was due to find out the sex from the blood test ordered that following Monday ( it was Sunday). I wished at that moment that I knew the sex. I had high hopes it was a girl so I even just went with it and bought a pink Paci. I didn’t buy clothes and boy I wished I would have it was also cheap and the sale ended the next day.

The whole time I was shopping, Hank was texting on his phone. It was slightly annoying, but he was letting me fill the cart with stuff and he didn’t notice so I didn’t complain. There was a moment where I realized he was acting kind of shady. He told me he was researching the car seat on sale which sounded truly legit since he’s an avid researcher before we buy anything.

Later on we got to our friend’s home, Hank went inside with John. I tried to come inside and he goes ” Where are you going?” I said, ” Uh to the bathroom weirdo.” Then he said ” Oh, okay someone needs to watch the kids outside.” I again felt the weirdness but I figured it was jet lag.

About 20 minutes later we were standing in the kitchen and I realized John and Stephanie were in the living room. So Hank said come in the living room. We sat down and I noticed it was weird for the owners of the house to sit on the smallest couch. I looked up at the TV and John said ” I want to show you something” We are always talking about funny youtube videos so I figured that was what it was. At the bottom of the tv was a preview of the video but he clicked away really fast. “Hey, That looks like Kayla and Khalid ( my besties from Kuwait)” Then I was like “Babe, it looked exactly like them! Did you see it?” He just ignored me which upset me. Why would Kayla and Khalid be on youtube I kept thinking? Then the video started playing. I was totally confused and had absolutely no idea why my husband was talking to me from youtube… I don’t think I had any clue what was going on almost the entire video… see video below


Now as you can imagine for 1 minute of the video I was super embarrassed. My husband is hilarious to most but I was mortified… Once my family and friends started appearing on the screen I was tearing up. By the time the announcement for gender had come I thought they were all just guessing. I turned to Hank and said ” wait, it’s a boy??” I was so confused by all the emotions I was feeling.

After the video he pulled out a brand new copy of Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines (her first cookbook). {Click the link to purchase on Amazon, trust me it is worth it!}
Another cute little surprise to make me even more happy.

I was so overwhelmed by love for my husband for these surprises. I couldn’t believe he pulled it all off and I was totally confused how he knew it was a boy. He was worried I would be a little upset, everyone knew I wanted a girl. I think in the back of my mind I already knew it would be another boy. While I might feel like Im missing out on the girl stuff, the good news is, when they get older they are gonna want Dad and Ill finally get some free time to do my nails or read a book without interruption. Boys are pretty great and they sure love their mommy!

Hank told me the story of how he made the video. He said after my appointment with the blood test that week, he went up to the doctors office and asked if they would send the results to him. The doctor was hesitant because no-one had ever asked her that and she wasn’t sure it was okay. She reluctantly did it ( she told me later) and also had to tell the whole office NOT to give me any information at all. Hank was afraid I would call eagerly looking for results. Turns out the results came super early and she sent Hank an email with the results. With the help of our great friend Christopher Shea who owns Two Shea Films and is an amazing video guru, he helped put together Hank’s vision. Shea told me later he had a whole different plan that didn’t include porn music (LOL), but he went with it, Hank was the mastermind. He had all my friends and parents make a video saying congratulation then pausing to say a message, and then saying its a boy so Shea could splice it up for the video.

I was shocked at all the trouble he went through. Apparently while I was shopping, he was texting Shea trying to get the video on youtube. It was missing something so they were quickly trying to figure out how to fix it. He was secretly watching the video Shea would send him to make sure it was ready.

I’m still baffled how he surprised me so good. Now I realize that being patient pays off. That he had plans to announce the baby in such a way that it surprised me. He definitely set a world record for gender reveal. Not many moms get to be actually surprised! It’s usually the parents surprising their friends. Best thing that has ever happened!

So now, I’m going to be a mother of 3 boys. I’m absolutely going to call myself Khaleesi…Mother of Dragons.

Stay Tuned:

October 14th 2018, here we come! Lets hope its not born on Zane birthday (the 16th… ) I don’t think he will be thrilled…



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