The Expat Fallout-Starting from New

I have done the “repatriation” before. Once, we moved from Hungary back to the States. We were totally unprepared for being back Stateside and monetarily we weren’t prepared either. We ended up in Military base housing where, even though it was nice enough, the roaches were a temporary house guest. I look back and thank God that we were able to move back overseas to finish what we started. I had only done a year in Hungary and was homesick but not fully understanding the effects of my (our) rash decisions.

Fast forward almost 4 years, and we are back again in America except this time we were totally prepared. We had a game plan, an outlook for the future.

Back in September we came up with this idea for a “Wedding Planner” website.

A little back story…

I used to be a wedding planner. It was stressful, time consuming, but I loved it. I learned to be an event designer + floral designer during those years and loved that even more. I never meant to leave my career behind, but whether it was becoming a mom or an expat, it was gone in an instant. When you become an Expat sometimes especially as a woman or mother, your career may fall to the wayside. Maybe it is intentional, as most know opportunities of being an expat afford you the freedom to focus on being a mom if that’s what you chose. In some cases, like it was for me, I could not work in Hungary. I didn’t have proper work visas which were hard to get anyways and also; well, no-one spoke ANY English. There was also hardly any weddings happening in the one-horse town we moved to. Needless to say, my career was “on hold”. I never really thought I would be an expat for as long as I was. By the time I was able to come back (and applying for jobs in my career field) I realized maybe my time had passed. I’m not saying my career was like being a model. I didn’t “age” out of my career in that essence. But maybe I had gotten passed up for the younger planners out there. Ones who might take a lower pay or have less experience necessary for grooming by a company. Whatever the case, I realized that becoming an expat and the years spent away had taken its toll on my career.

So, then came the idea for a wedding planning website. Like Lighting McQueen learned in his new movie, maybe it’s okay that you move on. {I know you love the reference to a child’s movie.}
So like those famous words from the J. Lo movie ( The Wedding Planner) “Those who can’t wed, plan.” My new motto was “Those who can’t plan, teach”.

Wedding + Event Desk was then born. Except the labor was extensive and took 9 months…

When I started the Website, I look back and realize I must have been high. Which is super hard to do in Kuwait nor do I actually partake.

What did I think? I was just going to be a web designer overnight? Sure, I’m good with computers but the closest I came to any sort of design on a computer was an Indesign class back in College and I won’t even say how long ago that was.

In 3 months, I will have a new website! No, Taylor. Just no. I didn’t know about SEO, coding, ads, building a shop, formatting, tagging, alt text, image attributes, blogging, UH WHAT? I think I thought I’d pick some pretty colors and it would all magically appear.

Let’s fast forward again. So my website is finally Live. The moment I have been waiting for. I finished what I set out to do. I learned more than I ever thought I could.
As I pressed “Go Live” button ( actually it was more of a turning off a widget that handles my landing page from being seen..I learned very quickly doing anything with this website no matter how easy it sounded was tedious and time-consuming.) I realized I was totally unprepared for the idea of failure.

I also was not sure what to do next. So how do you make people come to your website? The current state of mind at this moment. Oh God.

But it’s all very exciting, yes? I like this new “career” that was produced from becoming an expat.

I love that you never know where you might end up ( as long it’s not a ditch and something a little more special.) Yes, sometimes it’s hard to pick yourself up after landing back in your home country feeling like an Alien. It has been a transition of epic proportions. It has been really hard trying to do everything at once. But if being an expat has taught me anything, it’s that we get this rare opportunity to become special. We become more adaptable, more resilient, and smarter. We can handle any card we are dealt. For me, I’m starting something scary, new, and exciting once again. Sound familiar, expats?

check out my website at

Untitled design
Ebook ” How to be a Wedding Planner
Website is live!
Website is now live!

check out more of our journey at


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