Mother’s Day

Ah, its Mother’s Day…

“Call your mom and say something nice! Remember, you are the reason she pees a little when she sneezes”

If you are a mom you probably are dreaming of the same thing I am…. (insert dream bubble here)

Drinking a non-fat vanilla latte with whip, caramel drizzle, then realizing somehow overnight the Mother’s day fairies sprinkled you with weight loss dust-POOF! you lost 5lbs off your mid-section. You also woke up with your face, dewy, free of pores, and bronzed from a bountiful 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Then you browse the aisles of Target in total peace and quiet with no children, and maybe an unlimited credit card. Your husband calls and says, “take your time Honey, you deserve it! After, hit up the Barnes and Noble + Krispy Kreme if you want, today is no calorie day!”


HAHA, okay seriously though, You DO deserve it! Being a mom is tough sometimes (or all the time, but I don’t want to sound complainy) Of course hats off to those with very tough jobs; fire + rescue, police officers, nurses, seedy fairground Ferris wheel operators, and anyone else who has a high stress job keeping people alive.


My job as a Mom is quite similar, except for some reason my check keeps getting lost in the mail…

For 24 hours a day, I try to keep two little sweet, slightly weird children from killing themselves. I also try to keep them happy, healthy, entertained, educationally challenged, but mostly just without bleeding through any given day.

Being a mother, is by far the most amazing gift I could have ever received. We all become moms in different ways, whether it’s adoption, in vitro, or marriage. We all share the same feelings. We love the ones that make us Mom fiercely, without exceptions, and without boundaries. We feel a love for them that burns, nothing could extinguish it. Some of us have the scars on our hearts, scars on our bellies, or perhaps our lady parts… Our bodies may have changed. We seem to get a gray hair each time the kid jumps off the couch. Thin lines in our forehead have creased a little more. Our bodies just aren’t the same, they’ve changed. We also may not be able to hold our pee very well… Motherhood changes us. Some good, some bad, but all of it for a reason. I always used to say “When I’m a mom I’ll be hotter, cooler, and I’ll never do MOM things.” Oh how stupid I was. Back in the day I said this as if being a mom was a silly thing to do. Being a mom is tough, hell we become like steel after becoming a mom. We never knew how much battering a body could take until it grows and produces another human. I remember after my first, being terrified I could die after so much blood loss. After my second, I feared his head would officially ruin my body forever. I felt like a train had bulldozed me at 90 mph after his big head came through. Breastfeeding was torture, nights waking up were so scary. Afraid I’d never sleep again or accidentally fall asleep and forget I had a kid. Worried I wouldn’t be good enough for them, or I would do something wrong. Did I buy the right bottles? Should I sleep with him or not? Did I read to him enough? It’s hard. Then it starts to get easier. The it changes, and feels super hard again ( around 4 years old when they wont shut up… like EVER.) Then few more years later we look back and think how even the hard years seem to pass us in an instant. There isn’t much I have done in my life that even compares to being a Mom. I’m proud of this accomplishment.


But. Sometimes, its exhausting. Sometimes, we kinda want a break.

Sometimes we just don’t feel like thinking about anyone else for 10 minutes. We want to read a book by the pool. Drink a glass of wine and watch a NON G-rated animated film. (50 Shades Darker, anyone?) We want to put on a bra that doesn’t pinch or actually, just not wear one ALL day! PJ’s included. We don’t want to wipe any asses, cook any food, pick up any toys, or wonder where the remote is. We don’t want to give GPS coordinates for the milk in the fridge to your husband or do a stitch of laundry.


Ladies, today is that day. Its Mother’s Day and for goodness sakes, if there’s any day of the year you should take a load off, its today!

***(Of course I recommend sending the kids to Grandma’s, premaking a casserole, laying out your husband’s clothes, cleaning the house the day before including ALL laundry, and cancelling any plans. I would also grocery shop before to make sure there is plenty of wine and labeling anything your spouse may not know in the frig. Oh and mental note, by ear plugs and find that book you have been meaning to read.)


Kidding yall, but seriously. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Remember the first day you became a mother and how it felt. Remember to be thankful for your own mothers or females in your life that helped shape you. Kiss your daughters and remind them, they will be mothers too one day. Remember the hard times as well as the best times.

Take a load off if you have time, because even while reading (and writing this) we are thinking HA! Yeah right, my kids don’t care if its mothers day, my job still carries on…

We also both know that if we are honest, Mothers day is best spent with the ones who made us mommy in the first place!

Note: My husband let me wander in Target for an hour and I only got “the eye” once. If that isn’t a perfect start to a Mother’s Day, I don’t know what is!

Happy Mommy Day!

me and my minions
mom moment
these two melt my heart and drive me nuts
mom moment: watching like a hawk near the ocean
Zane, the day he was born


me and my own mother who taught me everything I know.
My mom and I
being mom
that time being a mom was hard.
the other time being a mom was hard.
the day before Zane was born.
bringing home baby
NICU with Cruze who kept us on our toes after his brith
a few days after birth
before I was a mommy and he was a daddy.

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