Mourning this Morning.

This morning, I rose early. When the beautiful ocean is just outside your window, it’s hard to sleep. I’m staring outside my hotel window realizing that this is where it all started 3 years ago. This hotel was one of my first impressions of Kuwait.


Maybe one day these 3 years will be a tiny blip on my radar of life. But to me, in this very moment, they were some of the most important times I will have ever had.

How can I sum up my time in Kuwait? How can I let it go? How do I cope with leaving?

In just a few days we will be saying goodbye to friends, the house my boys grew up in, the country Zane was born in, and so many memories.

The entire “mansion” we have been living in is practically empty aside from the 13 suitcases, 4 carryons, surfboards, dog and crate, oh and the partridge and a pear tree.

The thing about these moves is they are super exciting. Riding business class? Oh yes. Moving to a new state? Super cool. The business opportunities we are exploring? I’m pumped. The thing about it is, all that wears off. The excitement dies down and you realize Kuwait is over, you live here now. Here’s your daily grind. No more trips to Bali or Dubai with friends… Its all, well, Bittersweet.

If you ever get a chance to live overseas, take it. Don’t ever give up an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. It builds more character than you will ever know. You get to pop the bubble you have lived in.

I remember when I was 13, I had this Greek Isles calendar. You know, the quintessential calendar from those mall shops? It had the dreamy ocean with the blue topped roofs, set up on a cliff looking far to beautiful to be real. Its real, guys I’m here to tell you. My life long dream was to visit Greece and YES it does look the exact same as those calendars.

Life is so much more than us, more than the 9-5, more than couch time on Saturday. Its a great big wide open, amazing place out there. The people all over the world are so interesting and so inspiring. The landscapes are like nothing you have seen. The friends I have made live in all different countries, some of those friendships will never end. As I sit overlooking the Hilton pool, Ill never forget the day I met my friend Katie and her husband Chris. She had two little ones splashing in the pool. I can’t remember the conversation we struck up but, boom I had my first friend. She was from England and her husband was a teacher here in Kuwait. From that moment, BFF status. She suddenly moved away after only a year of knowing her, but we still talk almost every couple of weeks, 2 years later. Something about being expats that binds people together. There is something about being different countries that was exciting. We had to learn each other that much more, creating a bond held tight by experiences.

I hope one day I can bring kids back to the countries they were born. I even hope one day we can be expats again when they are of age to remember.

Kuwait was such an experience, I chuckle when I say this, reminded of the things we’ve watched in disbelief, craziness that occured, funny side stories told in conversation. Even the frustrations of living here, I think fondly of. Ill never forget learning how to live in a country that was so different than I felt.

I feel like there has been a death in the family. In a sense, I’m mourning the loss of Kuwait. It was my home for so long.


Kuwait is almost all the time sunny. For the next 4 days, its forecasted to be cloudy with even the tiniest bit of rain. I think, in some way, Kuwait is mourning too.


On to the next adventure…

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