Diary of a “Stay at Home” Working Mommy


Being a stay at home mommy is a hard “job” whether you think so or not. There was this tiredness I used to get after I worked 15 hours straight planning a wedding start to finish on any given Saturday in May. Its like a hangover the next day. I would drop into bed and my shoes would be stuck to my feet. I still get that exact sensation on some of my busiest mom days… and no one tipped me at the end.

Staying at home with kids is amazing, but its also a give and take relationship. I give, they take. Until the wrinkles start to form and Botox becomes a necessity so people will stop thinking I’m “concerned” all the time. Actually, I am concerned all the time. I’m always worried. Did I cut the grapes the right way? Do they get too much sugar? Am I too soft or too hard on them? Am I teaching them anything? Do I play with them enough? Are they going to turn out wretched adults because I fed them mac and cheese?

It’s a constant stream of tears and messes, and the tears are mostly mine. As they get older, it gets a little easier. Or I get a little better at surviving the days.


What happened while I was working.
Like, what?

However, I have always thought that working mommy might be the hardest job. I couldn’t imagine having to leave my newborn after only 6 weeks, sweating to death while pumping breast milk in the women’s dirty bathroom stall (because God forbid someone see a nipple that’s not attached to a Vicky secret model), then getting home to a dirty house, only to start all the household chores, feeding, cleaning, washing, and bathing. I want NO part of that. All I have to say, is Respect my friends.

Having said that, there is another mommy that is often overlooked. I have become that mommy recently. Nowadays more parents are trying to find ways to spend less time in an office and more time at home. I am absolutely loving the direction some companies are going. The allowance of work time from home, extended weekends if hours are completed, and paternity leave for new dads is so great. There are also new ventures like “work from home” selling that many of my friends take part in.



“yes you can have a snack.” (Please God let their still be a granola bar in the cabinet they can split.” 

(3 minutes later)

My husband and I have decided that the only way to live, is to have passive income.

9-5 is for the birds and we are sick of it. We are just about to be re-integrated into the “Keeping up with the Joneses” ( or Kardashians, I should say) in America, and from the looks of the “real world” I don’t think I’m ready.

We are hoping one day we can run some businesses from a catamaran in the Atlantic or a traveling RV. ( check out gonewiththewinns.com), our inspiration.



“Wash your hands after you poop. You touched the toilet”

“Zane, how did you make such a mess in only 2 minutes?? Get out of the bathroom while your brother is pooping.”

“Play in the living room while I write. Ill be done sooner if you leave me alone.”

“This blog better make me some money soon or I quit.”


(8 minutes later)


So as some of you know, we have been hard at work building a few businesses, one in particular is my new website. When you start on a business, you kind of have grandiose ideas of rainbows and unicorns. Then you realize just HOW much work is involved. (I mean, you just build a website right?) I’ve been working on this website since the end of September. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into, and at times I had to take breaks to mind my center again. That sounds so granola… but seriously.

When I go to work, I plop down the table with my coffee and my yoga pants. It sounds so awesome. Not so fast. You know what’s harder than working at home with two kids? Working at home with two kids and NOT generating any money. Until my site goes live, I’m only costing myself money.

Vision of working from home.
Reality. ( you can’t see whats behind me…)




“Where is my water?” ( its in front of him on the table

“Mommy I don’t like this show anymore.”

“Mommy, Zane pooooooooped! Again!”

(12 minutes later)


I may not go to an office, I may not drive anywhere and deal with traffic. I don’t even really have to get dressed. My husband goes to work everyday, deals with people, traffic, driving, office politics, etc. What I couldn’t imagine is if he ever had to bring the children to work. The image is hilarious. He would NEVER get anything accomplished. Which is exactly what I get accomplished…



“Cruze leave your brother alone!”

 “Zane, don’t steal his cars, forgodsakes just separate if you can’t get along”

“Do not chase the dog with that car or I will put it away.” (chases dog)

(trying to find a place to put the car where they can’t reach)



“No, you can’t play with that, it is not for kids,”

 “ Cruze, use your head, how did you get stuck like this?”

“ I swear I’m going to put you both in boarding school in two seconds if I hear anymore yelling”

“You are hungry? Get out of the frig, I’m pretty sure everything is melting now. Give me like 5 minutes to finish!!!!”


(10 minutes later)


What was I saying? I don’t even know what my point was.

Oh, that’s right. How working at home moms are nuts.

Focus, well its entirely impossible. When I first started, I would put them to bed at 8pm and work until two in the morning. It wasn’t lucrative because I’d be so tired, I’d just stare at the computer screen sometimes.

To work at home regardless of kids, you have to be dedicated and totally self driven. To work at home with kids, you have to be totally insane.


I pray I get this website off the ground. The reason is because despite how incredibly difficult it is to work with my children around, I don’t want it any other way and thats the reason Im doing this. It may take me longer to write a blog post or a few extra hours work throughout the constant interruptions, but to see their sticky sweet dirty faces all day is SO worth it.


If you were wondering, it took me over an hour to write less than 1000 words and 6 hours until I could actually post it. Ah, Kids.




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