19 Things I will Miss about the Middle East

I just realized we potentially have half a month left. Like, 15 days left in the Middle East.

I so badly want to go re-explore this country I called home for 3 years but between rearing hoodlums, building a business, packing, selling everything, and looking up therapists that I’ll need after this move, I haven’t even had time to go to the grocery store. Luckily for us came across cheap Arab pizza place so we don’t all starve.

I continually think of all the things I will miss here in the Middle East. Here are a few…
1.Talabat and Carriage. Look, it’s a fact that this is the best idea since sliced bread. How many times have you been lazy enough to not want to make yourself coffee so you get it delivered? Had an ice cream craving at 12am? just order from Talabat! i once begged my husband to order a dozen Krispy creme and somehow they “disappeared” in two days…

2. Speaking of food. There are some places I HAVE to mention. Even thought we frequent all the Alshaya restaurants so much they know us by name, we cant leave out the three most important places in the world.
Sabaidee. Pick-Yo, and Solo.


These places probably have a cult following they are so good. Since we have found out we are leaving we order sabaidee at least twice a week. The other day we went to Pick-Yo at 10pm and found the lights off. The flood had wrecked the electrical apparently. I was devastated. It is THAT good.
3. Gas is cheaper than water. AND you don’t even have to get out of the car. Do you know how many jobs we could open in America for gas attendants???

4. The words Yalla and Inshallah. They will forever be my favorite words to use and the fact that you can tack Inshallah to any sentence is awesome. When I move back ill tell my boss, “Ill get it done today, Inshallah.” I will then be protected to maybe get it done later…or in two weeks.

5. The heat. Well no I wouldn’t miss feeling like I am on fire in the dead of Summer and though I haven’t tried it, I’m pretty sure you could roast a chicken in the sun, but after realizing how hot Florida will be with added 10000 percent humidity, ill be missing the dry desert heat and no sweating.

6. Avenues Mall. There is nowhere in the world ( and I’ve been to the mall of America and Dubai mall) that is as good as this mall. The fact that I will miss the expansion of this mall makes me sad. Nothing like a sea of people in the center of the mall on a Friday night!

7. Camels. Camel rides on the beach, lost camels crossing the road on a random Tuesday afternoon, camel racing.


8. Driving like you stole it. The driving here scares the shit out of me sometimes but there’s nothing greater than knowing you can cut across the desert, jump over curbs in traffic, drive in the emergency lane, go over 140Km, drive on the beach, hang out of the sun roof, park anywhere you see fit, and be a badass behind the wheel at any given time. America is gonna have a heart attack when we get behind the wheel.

9. Lulu’s Hyper Markets. You know what’s fun? Never knowing what new thing you will find on your weekly shopping trip. It’s like Walmart for the middle east. I will also miss never having to carry my own groceries to the car.

10. Brunch in Dubai. Okay, I never actually got to partake in this fun tradition of hoping a flight over to Dubai and having a beautiful breakfast and mimosas on the water and then flying back the next morning but I’ve always been jealous of the ones who do.


11. Travel. How many times have we said, “Hey, lets go to ______ (insert awesome country here) for the weekend?”. There’s nothing better than knowing you can skip off to the U.A.E, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, the list goes one. We once booked a trip to Ireland less that 24 hours before we left. It was amazing.


12. Sandstorms. Okay let’s be honest I won’t miss them, but when you live in Kuwait the most exciting forecast for the weather is dust storms. I actually looked forward to them.


13. Service at restaurants. Listen up other countries, no-one can touch the wonderful service (most times) that they give around here. Hello Sir Ma’am, welcome to Shake Shack!


14. Thursday is Friday! I don’t know why it matters but something is so great about never having the Sunday blues for the dreaded Monday. I don’t know what it is about the word Monday that depresses me…

15. Culture. There is so much culture, so many different people, so many languages spoken at once, it’s a breath of fresh air. The other day our waiter was from Zimbabwe. I love that you never know who you might meet or what their story is.

16. My Maid. She’s the only reason I haven’t gone crazy. Bless her.

17. The people. Most of the time we find that the people here are just generally happy and friendly. Kuwait is very family oriented and  great if you have little ones.

18. Staying out late. I once had my kids out at Target at 930pm. I swear one lady was dialing CPS. Here, especially around ramadan, thats when people come out to play. In America, we went out looking for food at 845. Everything was closing. It was very strange.


19. Coffee. There are 3 coffee places on every corner. No shortage of caffeine in this place!


Did I miss anything? Do I need a Part two? Comment below and tell me YOUR favorite things about Kuwait!!


6 thoughts on “19 Things I will Miss about the Middle East

  1. Girlfriends , had so much fun and laughter with Girls on a regular basis and having known them for such a short time , lucky to have connected with so many 💃💃

  2. My favourite things about Kuwait:
    – the wide variety of food available to suit all moods, palates and budgets
    – the ability to meet and interact with so many different kids of people on a daily basis
    – the fact that I always feel safe even when I am alone at night
    – the way that Kuwait is just a small, slow country with few rules and lots of spirit!

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