We have an announcement!

We have an announcement….

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!







That was mean. Early April Fool’s Joke. Actually I just upset myself more than anyone else. Three words I’d love to shout that’s not about someone else. Dammit.


Okay, so I’m definitely not adding any family members, maybe looking to get rid of some lately… kidding again. To say we’ve been a little stressed is an understatement. Oh! The announcement, there is actually one!

Check it out here:






We are packing up the ole airplane one last time and hitching a ride (business class this time) back to good ole America. Leaving behind an adventure for a brand new one. Preferably with less dust and more alcohol.


I’ve actually written this blog post several times but I just wasn’t in my normal fun headspace. I’ve been totally depressed, actually. Its super hard leaving the only place I have lived for this long besides my parents house. Lot of memories in this house, in this country. I had one of my baby boys here. I met some amazing friends. The best thanksgiving ever was here. Camels in the desert. The Kuwait towers. Crazy driving. SABAIDEE. (if you live in Kuwait and don’t know about Sabaidee, well its a secret club and I can’t ruin it for the rest of them)
Trips to Bali, Dubai, Rome, Greece, Ireland, and India, to name a few.

I learned so much about myself living overseas.


I can’t believe I have to go back to America and be “normal” again. What’s it going to be like not to have another home somewhere else? How will the harsh reality of America really be? It’s not really a secret we have been living the high life in Kuwait. Sure, we lack some basic life necessities like wine and pork… but we still had lucky charms cereal.

God, I’m going to miss this place.

We understand we could stay in Kuwait forever, but it’s not my home and I can’t do and be the things I want to be here. For one, I’ll never look good in a burqa. I just don’t have those gorgeous Arab eyes. And two, I really just dig shorts. So Kuwait and I could never have a lasting relationship.

Of course the thought of showing my legs actually sounds odd. I’ve become very conservative here. And mostly just very pasty white.

We do have so much to look forward to. My kids blossom each time we visit the States. Cruze will start school soon, we will live in a cute little beach town, and we have a few different businesses getting started that I’m excited about.


For now, we will resume the packing. Fitting 3 plus years of memories down into 13 suitcases. Selling off the baby clothes, furniture, dishes, kids toys, and the things that made our house a home. It seems like yesterday I was bringing Zane home from the hospital. Saying goodbye will be worse than when we left Hungary. This place has become my home in every sense of the word. I love Kuwait. All always feel a deep connection to this country that let me grow and live here.

وداعا وشكرا لكم
wadaeaan washukraan lakum,   (if google isn’t lying, this means goodbye and thank you)

The Collins Family


We are going to miss you Kuwait!IMG_6365

2 thoughts on “We have an announcement!

  1. May Allah Almighty always keep you and your family in blessing…..May you success in both Worlds .
    happy to meet you here brother

  2. So excited y’all are moving to Florida. Loved that my sweet Cruze told us your plans. I guess Terri has details, I will call her. Love y’all

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