Mommy Moment

Sometimes I imagine myself laying on a warm sandy beach with sparkling crystal blue water lapping at my feet. I have a glass of wine or a fruity drink being served to me and one of my favorite author’s new book in hand. There is no one around to bother me, the beach is really empty, except maybe my husband surfing in the distance. Im also looking super amazing with my nails just done, tan skin, sun kissed highlights, and a totally toned body. My husband and I will be going to dinner that night outside on a terrace overlooking the ocean with red wine, music, the sound of waves, and all my favorite foods. Then I will go to sleep in a luxurious bed with white linens, and huge fluffy pillows and the beach breeze floating in… and sleep the whole night without interruption…

Bali, Indonesia you can read about our trip to Bali Here

Snap back to reality and I realized I was just tuning out my two kids who have been continuously driving me bat shit crazy for the last oooh, 3 hours since I opened my eyes. I haven’t left the house in at least 4 days straight, not that I can’t but I really couldn’t fathom suiting up the kids and loading them all in the car just to have nothing to do. Let’s see, today they have fought over spoon colors, the type of milk I gave them, who had Lightning Mcqueen last ( even though we have 4 of them), and what they want for lunch even though I’ve barely begun cleaning up from their breakfast.


Sometimes I wonder what I do on a daily basis and then I remember its pretty much nothing important. So far today I’ve done this:

Make breakfast
Clean up from breakfast
Explain why the Elf on the shelf is gone for the 300th time
Broke up 8 fights
Changed two diapers and wiped one butt, argued why we wash our hands
Started a real task and then stopped abruptly to wipe said butts twice
Said “get down” “ leave him alone” “don’t be so loud” “stop” “no” and “play nice”
Answered my 4 year old’s questions about life ( they are nonstop. To think we ever met With a speech therapist for late speech..)
Explained why we don’t eat fish eyes, and to not call your brother “trash”.

     This list does not include the several 100 kisses I have given, or times that I have looked at my kids lovingly and smiled… right before they make me roll my eyes. I love our kids so much, but sometimes I have days where I dream of daycare. It is 12pm and I am totally calm though. My patience level is at good. By the time their bedtime rolls around I’m usually tightly wound ball of cray. I can’t answer any more questions, feed anymore mouths, clean up anymore messes or talk about kid-related things.
So for moms like me who catch themselves daydreaming for a little rejuvenation, I recommend “breaks” on these days. Those breaks can include using the bathroom at the opposite end of the house for a long walk, long showers, or putting on their favorite movie that gains you at least 15 minutes of silence while you look up pictures of silent beaches.

Okay mommy moment over, time to make lunch. Good Luck out there Moms.


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