Northern Ireland Trip

Super late getting to post this blog, among so many others, like our trip back home and to New York, and our awesome trip to India (stay tuned, it’s a good one)

Every exciting trip we take starts off with 100 locations and boiling them down to a few. Airfare and navigatable terrains with children is a must. I’m typically partial to laying on a beach somewhere even more now that the kids don’t try to eat sand. Back in October, we watch as America partakes for the wonderful fall weather, sweatshirts, and hot cocoa. Meanwhile, in Kuwait, we are still cooking eggs on the sidewalk for fun. It’s extremely hot up until November. I was craving a vacation with rain (oh, weather!!) and something that resembles a season. The last time we went to Ireland (did I write about that?) I booked our hotels and royally screwed up booking us at what would be considered one of those weird old Holiday Inn conference center looking hotels, but worse than that. Luckily we narrowly escaped that awful hotel and stayed in a castle, like a princess should…

I totally redeemed myself by booking a quaint little cottage in a town about 30 minutes outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) called Grey Abbey. We rented a little car and headed out. My husband, badass that he is, recalled quickly how to drive on the opposite side of the road, with only a few near misses. My first stop was Tesco. For those who don’t know what Tesco is, it’s the British version of a Target. They have alcohol, bueaty products, bacon, and clothes. Heaven, right?  The kids fell asleep in their rented car seats since ours were lost somewhere between Kuwait and Ireland. We got them back the next day luckily. It wouldn’t be a complete trip without issues, so Cruze decided to throw up in the back of the car. This would happen once more by Zane after some windy roads and too much yogurt. As I was stripping him down in 30-degree weather, a woman with 3 kids and a cart full of groceries came and asked me if I needed help. I was “super momming” it, so I didn’t but I couldn’t believe someone wanted to help! Where am I? In Oz? Turns out Irish/British (please help me here, I am not sure the right term!) are super amazing and friendly.

Our Cottage was precious, exactly everything I dreamed of. I had a fire going and a glass of wine. I can’t think if anything more relaxing.

We spent our days eating fish and chips, touring castles, running around in the grass, and sightseeing famous Game of Thrones landmarks. We ventured into Belfast for hopping around the town and visiting the spot where the Titanic was built. There were breathtaking views from the mountains of the water and cozy little fishing towns. Each day we thought, maybe we should live here. We could just be “sheep shippers” and live frugally. Total joke of course ( for those have seen Just Go With it” with Adam Sandler)

We mostly drove around getting lost in hillsides, finding donkeys to pet, and even getting lost in what look like the woods from a Saw movie. We constantly bicker about wrong turns because it’s clear to everyone I cannot read GPS. I mean ow am I to know what 100 meters are in real time? Luckily the kids are so amazing in the car, we made sure of that from an early age. We’ve been taking road trips before they could hold their heads up.

At Winterfell, for those who are fans of the show, we ended up walking 100 miles by accident. In the middle realizing our mistake, Zane takes a huge poop. I carried a 30lb baby for 10 minutes up hill, because as my husband said, “It’s your fault for not bringing the diapers”. Hmmm. I worked off enough calories to reward myself with more calories. After that, we visited a little restaurant called The Cuay which was the orginal hotel and restaurant where the cast memebers stayed in the first season of Game of Thrones. Now this was before the show had gotten popular ( since it hadnt debuted yet) so when Ned Stark threw his script in the trash ( probably around the time he found out he was getting his head chopped off), noone cared to grab it and keep it. They did, however manage to keep and display some items from the show.

We also took our first car ferry across the water. Im still sea sick remembering…

Ireland is one of the friendliest most relaxing places to go for vacation. Each time we get excited about taking a trip, Ireland pops into our mind. It sometimes feels like a home away from home. I can’t recommend it enough. From time to time, Kuwait feels claustrophobic and you just want to escape the heat, smog, or just feel rain drops to know you are still alive. Ireland does that for me. Check out some pics of our journey.. (also, keep an eye out for the N. Ireland video coming soon!

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