This is the hard part, right?

Its finally silent (or Ive gone deaf) and I’m only 2 glasses of wine and one episode of Housewives of BH into my night. Before this moment of bliss I was diving head first into dinner, cleaning, wiping butts, baths, and bedtime. I read one Llama Llama Red Pajama, and two renditions of The Little Blue Truck. I had it out with both kids, one didn’t brush his teeth but I don’t even care. After many tears and screaming they were in bed by 830pm.
Today at 12pm I looked around this tiny apartment as I carried on a half ass conversation ( on my part, but she understands as we have the same disorder: kids)  with a good friend over FB chat ( while calling around for plumbers), God look at this mess ( didn’t I just clean?), look at the list of things I need to do,(did it get longer?)  look what crappy lunch I just fed them, they have had hot dogs three days in a row, look at how my kids are just being “tv babysat”.( thank you Disney). Wow, even my sentences are busy as shit.  I felt like the world’s worst mom and vowed silently in that moment to be a better mom for the 2,384th time.
Meanwhile, in the main house, I have appliances being delivered, installers here to “plug in my gas stove” for the low cost of $125 bucks. I have painters, problems, and bills. On any given day I have 3-5 fires to put out, 10-20 phone calls to make, 3 whiny contractors, 7 Lowe’s trips, 4 undone projects, and a partridge in a pear tree.
Dealing with two young kids nearly knocks my breath out by the end of the day. Now, with the renovations to the house, becoming a landlord, general contractor, babysitter, and a mom… Its down right impossible not to kick back with an entire bottle of wine and a tylenol PM.
Our house that we bought is located on a not so quiet street. Every 20 minutes the sirens can be heard. Sometimes I wonder if its not coming for me to take me to the insane asylum. Locked up in a padded room with no escaping, cooking, cleaning, or 3 year olds begging for gummy bears? That sounds like some sort of vacation, add a cocktail and you got yourself a deal! Kidding…

Im learning to juggle it all around here, I mean after all its nice to be in the States surrounded by all those who loves us. My best friend is coming down soon and I have hour long talks with my mom just to calm my nerves. She’s like my version of Valium, except she makes me laugh.

At any one time during the day, I’m doing more than 3 things at once. I think its just how women are wired. We can handle so much more than a man can only we have to complain about it. I miss having my husband here. Each day he would get up at 7am to let the workers into the house and not disturb me. Like my mom said, “THAT is true love”. It hard not having him around. After awhile the constant dealing with 1 and 3 year old demands without relief, well its not doing wonders for my newly hidden gray hair. I don’t claim to be the busiest person on earth but its been an uphill battle.
At the end of this month I hope we are able to see our vision come together and have a home we can enjoy. I am eager to see this thing that my husband and I hand in hand worked endless hours to create. Just the bathroom alone houses both of our tastes and personalities. Like the drain in the shower that I spend countless days looking over shoulders making sure I would never have to let me feet touch those disgusting things again. My husband was adamant about shiplap in the bathroom and he won that battle, meanwhile that door WILL swing inwards as God is my witness. We’ve learned to work together, to value each others opinion and try to agree before making decisions. We are no “Chip and Joanna” yet, but we are pretty badass. Im so excited to share the full before and after photos when the job is complete but for now… Here’s what Ive learned over the past few months

I have learned a lot of the past few months about life, kids, people, and business. Ive learned that people are only as good as their word. I learned that people are assholes and their word is shit.. I have learned that making money is harder than spending it. I learned that my 3 yr old likes to call his brother a “shithead” on a daily basis. I learned that life in Kuwait tends to be dull but I don’t think I would trade it for the daily American grind…ever. I have learned that you never get what you pay for. Ive learned that shows like “Fixer Upper” and all those other HGTV shows are full of absolute crap. I learned that to get what you want, you have to fight, sweat, and also make your husband help you. Ive learned where everything is in Lowes and home depot. Ive learned that my friends are my absolute saviors in times of need. Ive learned to make biscuits and gravy like a pro but it will never be as good as Bobby Manos. Ive learned that the most missed item being overseas is not only wine, beer, and pork… but also the tiny conversation heart candies that come out at Valentines. Ive learned that if you are looking for a good career that pays well, plumbing is that job. I also learned that I miss Kayla Bailey Al Qahtani more than she could possibly know. I learned that buying second hand is better than buying new. Finally, I learned that life is good. No matter what I am doing,how stressful it is, how crazy things get, Life is awesome.


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