Here in ‘Merica.

Whew, Ive got about 5 minutes before one of my kids starts crying bc the movie I put on no longer distracts them from their sickness OR before I fall asleep on the computer from the sleeplessness nights. I don’t know where to start since we have already been here 3 weeks and this is literally the first moment I have had, strangely enough whilst the children are seemingly deathly ill.

I guess Ill start with the flight from hell. My husband had this great idea to book the “straight to america” flight that goes from Kuwait to D.C. 14.5 hours of pure mom hell. Two kids, one mom, only two seats. Yep, that puts the baby directly into my lap, coming in at a whopping 25lbs for 14 hours. Straight. I normally would complain about the 5.5 hour layover that proceeded the 14 hours flight but after being stuck on an airplane, 5 hours to run around an deserted airport was like heaven. I pride myself in my experience as a mom in flying with toddlers. I’ve been to Paris and Austria all by myself toting tots. This was different. This was epic. I soon realized that having a child who’s just potty trained proved to be difficult when the other kid cant sit still in a seat alone. So what do you do? You carry the fat tot, hold the other kid over the toilet and pray the pee goes somewhere in the vicinity of the hole. I could barely get us in and out of the bathroom. I would hold my own pee until the kids would fall asleep and then run to the bathroom. Yes, as always , Cruze spilled juice right on to my lap. Luckily he manages to do this with only 2 hours left in the flight. I had to change the kids clothes once each, both peed themselves. Oh did I mention Zane screamed during the entire take off and beyond? Yeah…

Im gonna breeze through that awful memory.

I am very thankful to be back in the States. I am excited to spend Thanksgiving with my family and so excited for our house to be finished. As most of you know, we bought a house back here in Charleston. It is an older home so we decided to fix it up. I have become the “boss lady” and Project manager of renovating a home, which even with my small background in managing the books for a construction company.. I am totally out of my element. So far things are going gwell with lots of help from my father in law who has come and helped me. He has literally been a Godsend. I didn’t realize how hard this would all be, let alone having two kids. Watching the house fall apart to come back together, is pretty amazing. Im excited to see the finished product.

I started out feeling pretty much like a foreigner in my own country. I was astonished at how much things cost, at remembering to use dollars instead of dinar ( that happened once), how much gas costs and that I have to pump it, how many bugs are in South Carolina, grocery shopping is way more fun with pork and wine (yet more expensive), and going to restaurants where water is free! I am definitely loving a lot of those things… except the bugs. I could do without those awful “bugs-that-can’t-be-named”.
I also miss Kuwait. I miss my easy lifestyle ( even if it is groundhog type days). I miss my friends in Kuwait, and I miss my bed and my ever plentiful hot water.
I miss my husband. Zane in particular misses his daddy. We FaceTime Hank twice a day ( due to the 10.5 hour time difference one of us is waking up or going to bed). Zane will grab the phone and walk around with it, kissing the phone and just laughing and talking to his Daddy. Its really the cutest thing. Hank’s been in India for work but will come visit us on Christmas.

I can say that this is by far one of the most stressful “life events” we have taken on. Of course we would all get sick on top of that. These last few days have been the worst with stuffy noses, high fevers, lots of whining, and no sleep. NO sleep. For anyone. I don’t even know how to be funny on my blog I’m so exhausted.

Its funny when so much is going on in life, you forget to take care of yourself ( more importantly my out of control eyebrows and need to be colored hair.) I could seriously use a Spa day when things quiet down around here.
I have really been surrounded by amazing friends that I cant forget to mention. They have brought us food, spent the night with me when i was scared to be alone, and opened their homes and refrigerators to us. They have offered to babysit, brought me Starbucks, said to call if I need them, and simply been an ear when I need to vent. I can’t thank you enough Jessie, Evan, Layne, Bobby, Hampton, Nicole, and Kalan. Special thanks to my Father in Law Dave Collins for being everything and anything whenever I’ve needed it. Thanks to all our family for being supportive of everything we do, even when its random and sudden! Special thank to my husband, I know its hard to not be able to kiss and hold your babies, to not be able to oversee this enormous project, and to be alone. We will make Christmas awesome…:)

I know this blog is starting to sound like an academy award speech so Ill stop there. Things are always crazy around here and Im trying to keep my sanity as a “single mom” for now. Counting the days til Hank returns… Stay tuned for more…
This blog is dedicated to Killa, our beloved fur baby who passed away. We love you little one.

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