Time flies. One year later…

One year ago, I was in the hospital in Kuwait getting ready to have my 2nd little bundle of joy. Of course I’m teary and nostalgic today remembering how it seems like yesterday I was checking into the hospital (at two different hospitals I remind you) scared to death. It doesn’t matter how many little tots you bring into this world, nothing is scary than “pushing a watermelon out of a straw”. In my case, a watermelon with a large pumpkin head attached. I gotta be honest, looking back still scares me some. After all we had gone through with Cruze as a newborn, I was worried the same thing would happen to this new one. (read blogs past for Cruze’s story) His name was going to be Ethan River Collins. I had picked it and stuck with it, although Hank never fully committed. It was one hour before I was going to have him and Hank said, “I think we should name him Zane. You named Cruze, I want to go with Zane for this one.” I think now, could you imagine if we had named him “River’? Doesn’t fit… Zane is perfect for the little fat meatball with sausage legs. Tough and manly, right? I gave in with little hesitation. What the heck, he could be named after a Kuwaiti cell phone company. Kidding (sort of) but it is an arabic name and I thought that’s really a great story. A hippie born in Kuwait just didn’t fit… so Zane it is.


Zane popped out–(wait, I lied. He was suctioned, vacuumed and basically torn out of me if you want to get technical) at 8lbs 6 ounces. He looked like one of those plump little babies they use on commercials or tv shows. The ones you KNOW are like 3 months old trying to play a newborn. No baby is that big! Not true, I have proof. After having my first baby at a whopping 5.5lbs, 8lbs was astonishing to me. How did I carry that around for 9 months, not to mention he wasn’t even ready to come out. I was induced which kinda took all the fun out of the waiting process but boy I was ready. My labor wasn’t called labor for nothing. Ive never worked so hard at something in my life. He had been about 5 minutes away from being a c section baby since he was so big. Hospitals should be required to give a mom a beer and an award after a baby pops out. I felt like I was fighting for my life, and boy was he worth it. After he came out the doctor yelled ” Oh my goodness, that baby is big!” I had one of the best doctors ever, she was this beautiful “prim and proper” muslim woman who wore the abaya. But watching her help me deliver was kinda of an experience in itself. She was great with me, and for that I thank her.

Zane and I spent 3 days a week later in the hospital again since he had jaundice pretty bad ( so lucky he wasn’t as bad as Cruze), but he fought through and him and I bonded over take out schwarma, booby milk, and bilirubin lights.


Zane. Oh man, what a little sweet nugget. We (Cruze and myself) call him “fat fat”. So far he is a complete “Daddy’s boy” but Im still hoping for a turn of events. After he was born, he was what I could guess as colicky for the first few months. He cried every night at 9pm till 11pm. I got super sick after having him AND had to have reconstructive surgery in the following months so things were pretty awful for a while. I remember thinking ” I can’t do this, how do people have TWO kids??” Eventually things got easier. Zane became the sweetest, calmest, loveliest baby ever. He never cried. He would go wherever we went, and never complained. He STILL is that way. He only becomes slightly devilish at night because he refuses to sleep fitfully during any amount time. ( as I say this, he wakes up again)

He smiles at strangers, lets most people hold him, already has a BFF named Zaid, loves his cars and cartoons, and is starting to become slightly mischievous. Oh, and boy can that kid throw back some food! He loves pretty much anything as long as he can feed himself. He picked up his own bottle at 4 months and fed himself. He’s pretty independent until he’s tired. He loves FaceTime, as soon as he hears the dialing he crawls up to the phone. He can wave bye, say mommy and daddy, he knows how to get his big brother in trouble, and climb up the stairs. He walks, but only at night mostly, and he cannot sit still in his stroller but will sit in the grocery cart as chill as can be. He is pretty amazing. His smile lights up my whole day. He wakes up in the best mood possible. EVERYDAY. He is never not happy when I walk in that bedroom. He will also sit in his crib for hours waiting on me to come get him if he wakes up too early. I can’t believe he is one. One whole year has passed since his birth. He’s already been to Indonesia, Dubai, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary,  Kuwait, USA, and Ireland in his short life. (he’s also been to Turkey, Italy, and Greece if you want to count womb time)

I was told he was a girl for about 30 seconds until we saw on the scan that he was in fact a boy. I cried pretty hard. I really wanted a girl. I look back and laugh. I wouldn’t change Zane for anything in the world. He is the best thing ever and CLEARLY God knew what he was doing when he sent that little boy to us. I love you little Zane, HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby!!!!11128614_10101168798141164_9179144282241672834_nIMG_130111156187_10101168798216014_5390066483945885801_n11167675_10101168798255934_6523204322756777517_n10342896_10101168798330784_3405551768966199726_n11110864_10101168798360724_2708114994856976910_n









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