Mommy Day

I woke up to a massive poop from my youngest son. It was so bad that the clothes were beyond saving.  My oldest son refused to eat his lunch, shaking his sandwich as the pieces of lettuce grazed the floor.  He whined pretty much all morning all BEFORE he decided to pull all the doughnuts on the floor. The doughnuts that my wonderful husband so graciously went out to get for me along with the largest coffee they sell. Im obsessed with doughnuts. I ate them anyway, I’m not gonna cry over a little dirt with my sprinkles. So needless to say that’s what my Mother’s day has been like. There was no relaxing bubble bath. I got up and did laundry. There so no trip to the nail salon. I washed all the dishes and cleaned baby butts. Today, aside from my illogical thinking that this would be, wasn’t any different than most days. Tiredness, chaos, and messes is the average. But here’s the thing, as ridiculous and sometimes as funny as our Mom trials and tribulations are, I would not change a single thing. Maybe I’d ask Dunkin Donuts to make and extra large coffee, but thats besides my point…

Here’s the doughnuts I will drop on the floor later. You are Welcome.

We are incredibly blessed to be Mothers. For one, we talked our idiot husbands into “just one I swear” and then the ” just one more, I swear.” So I have to give a shout out to the Dads out there (even though they get their own day), without them and their tiny guys, this would be impossible. Being a mom is a privilege. We have to remember on this day that their are women amongst us that do not have children, maybe for fertility issues, maybe they never had the chance, or maybe because they have lost pregnancies or their child(ren). Let us take time to remember them. They are our co workers, our friends, and our family that lend a helping hand to us with crazy children when we need it. The ones that support us and like our silly Facebook statuses about how our kids are driving us crazy even though sometimes they want to shake us for complaining. They may be the ones that have gone through hell to have a child with no luck while someone else has 7. I want everyone to think of these women too. They deserve to be honored as well.

Having children is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Having a Mother that taught me everything I know? Even more priceless. She drove me crazy as a teenager. Then she drove me crazy in my adult life because I found out that everything she told me when I was a teen was right. She had been right my whole life and dang it if I didn’t listen. Now I hang on her every word. I have the greatest mom of all times. She has always been there for me even when I decided to up and move across the world twice, taking all the grand-babies with us. She has supported all my decisions,( except that one time but she ended up being right about that one too), she makes me laugh so hard, she has taught me about life, and loved all 5 of us children and are 287 pets throughout our childhood unconditionally. She took in our friends that needed a mom and loved them like her own. She accepted our husbands and significant others as her own children. She has never faltered once in being a Mom. She has mothered us for 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the last 32 years and still going strong. Speaking from experience, its an exhausting job. She has done a remarkable job shaping and molding us to be who we are but always letting us choose our own path. Whether its dying our hair like a Unicorn (Peyton), or joining the army during a war (Logan), she respected our decisions. I couldn’t ask for a better role model. Thank god for her teachings or who knows what kind of a mom I might have been! I appreciate everything she sacrificed for us. I hope to be half the mom she is. Thank Mommy!

Me and Momma
Me and Momma
Mom holding Samantha, and Logan and I in the back about to make a kick ass sand castle
Leila, Logan, Samantha, Dad and Mom
I needed one of Peyton and since she was born too late for a full family photo..Here’s one of her famous Unicorn hair.

To my kids, thank God for you both. I have the most strong willed, sweet, beautiful, kind, and hilarious kids ever. I cherish every part of you, know that I will love you more than the ends of the galaxy. And even more after that.

Cruze, my first
Zane, the 2nd
Easter 2015

You may be deep in a diaper change, your kids are screaming, and Wine O’clock can’t come soon enough but remember how lucky we are. Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

My husband David, Cruze and Zane

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