Back to Basics

I still haven’t finished my Bali draft, nor have I finished the Bali video I hope to share soon. But I thought I’d take some time to reflect and refresh. Ive been feeling out of shorts lately, a little negative you might say… and thats just not me.  I have the most amazing life and I’m so grateful. My husband has worked so hard and deals with a lot to give us everything we have. Im afforded the wonderful opportunity to be at home for the time being with my children and even though by the end of the day Im so exhausted of abc’s, making food, cleaning up messes, and dealing with a crying baby, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. A friend of mine the other day who is a new mom said, “I think I want to go back to work, I feel like my brain is getting stupid.”. I couldn’t help but laugh because it is so true. As a SAHM (stay at home mom), sometimes your brain doesn’t go farther than “what will I make for dinner?”. We speak baby language all day. Your brain is a muscle and when its not used properly it could atrophy. (Yeah I know some big words still.) So with that in mind I had subscribed myself to all the news from around the world. I think its silly to not know whats going on in the place we live, plus I hope to be smarter by learning about the current events. I watch the news every morning and read more than most. A few days ago I was reading articles about some horrible events that took place in the States ( of course) where a person murdered another person, a baby was killed by its mother, an outrage over something some celebrity did on camera, and something about Kanye. I started seeing that Im not really learning anything. I threw my phone down and looked around. Suddenly I realized that Im surrounded by a swirling vortex of media and news, to most of which is negative and depressing. Im in a funk or angry when I read this stuff. Why am I putting myself through reading these horrible things? Where is the positivity in my life gone? I decided right then it was time to flush out the crap. I went through my phone and delete CNN, US weekly, Fox, cosmopolitan, and anything else that has a constant stream of information. I went through my Facebook and unfollowed anyone who is negative or just plain annoying. I have decided to look at my phone less and stop being a slave to media. I have realized that the opinions that people form are only based on the attitude that the media is carrying that day. I still think its important to know whats happening, for instance, in Yemen, oh yeah by the way people, Yemen is falling apart, did you know that? Probably not because the news skips that. They skip anything that makes our president look like he doesn’t have a handle on the situations. ( but I promised myself not to talk about religion or politics if I can help it) Over the last day I have felt better. I have spent less time looking at stuff that doesn’t matter, and more time in the moment.
I encourage you all to pay attention how much time you spend doing these exact things. To flush the negative, because I am 100% sure that negativity breeds negativity. I have always seen the glass half full and I don’t anymore so Im changing it. I can’t stress enough that life is so much more than you think. That being with the people you love instead of stuck in a phone is much better for your sanity. I am also trying to change my media habits for the kids. Cruze definitely watches entirely too many cartoons, he wants to play with my phone, he wants his iPad. I read an article that said kids only need 30 minutes to an hour of tv time. My first thought was, HOW am I gonna get anything done?? Then I realized my tv isn’t a babysitter, its a baby brain cell killer! I’ll be the reason if my kids turn out dumb! (well at least i usually make them watch educational stuff- although Oomi Zoomi isn’t the top of the learning charts) So we are all trying to read more books, play outside ( remember when kids used to play in the mud and climb trees?), and spend more quality time doing things. Its hard to be completely social and active when we are stuck in this house, but I have to live by example for my kids. I want them to feel that I am present with them. I want them to be a kid who played like I was. So we are getting back to basics. Not to mention we have started more “Clean” eating. I want to feel like I’m doing everything I can on my end to make our children well rounded especially while I’m so lucky to be at home with them. With that said, Im gonna go climb a tree with Cruze. Crap, we don’t have trees…

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