European Christmas Vacation



Yes I am going backwards on my blog posts. We recently ( okay 3 months ago) went to Europe for a winter/Christmas vacation. I remember a year or more back when i flew to Paris alone with Cruze and thought how scary that was… then I flew to Austria with TWO kids. Actually, they were pretty awesome. The last 20 minutes of the very last flight were hell but other than that everything went better than I could have imagined. Arriving in Austria was a bit of a mess, there was not one person to help me get to baggage claim and I had three carryon bags, and a toddler and a tiny baby. Luckily a flight attendant took pity on me, she grabbed my bags and took me straight past the awful customs line, and helped me find my stroller and waited for my bags. I still feel as if I owe that woman my life.

It was so great to be back with our friends, Dani and Chris (Shea) and their sweet little babies, Pippa and Finnegan. Dani and I literally didn’t do much for the week I was there before David…And it was perfect. We drank wine that first night and it was heaven. Dani is also one of the best cooks ever, i still can’t figure out how to make her meatballs as good as she does.

When David arrived we went to Austria for a week of skiing. We had a fantastic chalet right off the slopes. Unfortunately the snow didn’t really get good until the day before we left but the whole trip was so beautiful. Im a lover of snow.IMG_6113IMG_6254IMG_6297

We spent Christmas in the cabin and had a beautiful christmas breakfast and dinner. We also took a small trip to Hallstatt which is a tiny little town on a lake in Austria. Its voted one of the places to see before you die. It was totally worth the hour drive in snow.

IMG_6245IMG_6242IMG_6122IMG_6116IMG_6142IMG_6184 IMG_6190 IMG_6195IMG_6133

We also attended a christmas party in Hungary. It was nuts to go back and see our old home. Such a small town we ran into one of Davids coworkers on the way to dinner. We went to the Jones’ christmas party which was so amazing. Jello shots and lots of food! Seeing my lovely Lacy and Donna was the icing on the cake, I wish we could have spent more time with them. Lacy is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady, not to mention she is super smart! I remember when they used to come over and help me with Cruze when he was born.


We have already been but we took a trip up to Salzburg, Austria as well. The red bull hangar we had previously visited was closed of course ( collins luck anyone?) but we did enjoy the Christmas markets and the beautiful castle at night.


We also ventured up north to Prague, Czech republic. We have been to a lot of places and Prague was definitely on the top 5 list of places. I don’t know if it was the christmas markets, the decorations, the people, or bc it was new years but it was slightly magical in a way that I won’t forget. Even though it was blistering cold, we made our way out a night to take in the scenery. The gothic church was beautiful.
We spent the new years in the hotel watching the fireworks from the inside with champagne. We tried going out but what people may not know about Prague is that there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to chaos in the streets. People were setting off tiny bombs beside the hotel. We walked out: BOOM, kids cry, I scream, and we go straight to the bar, order a drink and take it upstairs. It was unbelievable. It was like a war broke out..

.IMG_6547 IMG_6608 IMG_6614 IMG_6618 IMG_6629 IMG_6566IMG_6580 IMG_6603IMG_6745  IMG_6777 IMG_6789IMG_6821IMG_6833

We did some other things like shopping, visting museums, drunk HORSE with the kids basketball, play games, tour the castles, and so much more. It was such a great time with great friends who literally make anything fun!


so here our some pics from our wonderful European getaway!

10868004_10101043414750484_7295045305496392808_n     IMG_6038         IMG_6258   IMG_6304 IMG_6309 IMG_6384 IMG_6485      IMG_6886

10881625_10101036740316104_7508981421429627143_n   10613145_10101037222918964_1487821315791976751_n 1505325_10101022077874754_7407748823097663912_n 10551123_10101036737302144_460946746856178112_n

IMG_676410857921_10101034812599264_8248587928556558685_n 10449523_10101034721856114_2184451642641938175_n 10849874_10101022332948584_1758648200473508955_n 10387468_10101022332808864_1958139341643645233_n 1920548_10101034394048044_8204490944930935990_n

Forgive me for the randomness of the pictures, two kids yelling and crying means hurry and finish!.

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