2015 and not one blog post

Well as usual, I’m terrible at blogging. Lets see, since last time… well obviously i had a baby 4 months ago, we went to Bratislava to visit the Sheas, also visited Hungary and saw our beloved old friends, stayed a week in the Austrian Alps, and spent New Years in Prague.
Life hasn’t been as exciting since our last trip. Zane is now 4 months old and Cruze is talking up a storm finally. He’s still not great but it gets better everyday.

Next week, we go to Dubai and then in about a month we are heading to Bali! In Kuwait, life can sometimes be a bit monotonous, so these trips are what keep us on our toes. I have to say I absolutely hate packing. I either overpack or under pack and either way I kick myself. I also hate flying. I didn’t used to, I used to love getting on a plane! Now that I have babies, the thought of getting on a plane with them terrifies me. Its the feeling of not being in control and what if something happens? Oh the worry that ensues. Luckily you can drink on planes which somewhat helps. All the plane crashes in the last 6 months hasn’t helped my anxiety but nonetheless we will still travel.

What else is new? Oh thats right, I have been denied a drivers license. Kuwait has not enough roads and too many drivers, terrible drivers. Now most of us Boeing wives are stuck without a drivers license. When you get first arrive in Kuwait, you can drive with your american license and your temporary visa. Then when residency is granted, no more American license and you apply for a kuwaiti one. Well the law changed literally overnight ( no I’m not kidding, that is how it works here.) So I spend many of my days not going outside of the confines of the gated home. Maybe there is still a chance the laws will change again, but I’m not holding my breath.

Oh the best news! My husband bought me an amazing Canon camera! I have always wanted and needed some kind of past time and I LOVE taking pictures. Im hoping I can get good at it, so far learning everything is overwhelming. Ive learned to get off of auto…of course my iPhone pictures are still better but Ill get there someday! As much as we travel, I could have an amazing portfolio if i knew what I was doing.
Okay, Im boring even myself…

Our next trip after Bali will be to the States, its kind of crazy that I still have not met my new niece, Leia and they haven’t met Zane. Still not sure of the dates but I know one thing is for sure, Id like to avoid Ramadan like the Plague and make it home for July 4th, my favorite holiday.

Okay this blog is boring, its clear there is nothing happening in my life right now, but an updated was much need! Here are some pics from the last few months…

IMG_8005 IMG_7984 IMG_7939 IMG_7930 IMG_7896 IMG_7802 IMG_7720 IMG_7660 IMG_7633 IMG_7503 IMG_7348 IMG_7343 IMG_7055 IMG_6949 IMG_6904

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