Final Days…

I’m officially at the end and thank heavens! Not because I don’t “enjoy” being pregnant or the fun anticipation of waiting on him but because if my pregnancy hormones don’t go away I might do damage to myself or others by accident. I flitter between outrageous anger or complete sobbing episodes. Last night I cried during dinner because everyone finished before me. (What??) Obviously after taking 3 Psychology classes in my youth Ive learned its probably my underlying stress, nerves, and anxiety about the birth. Even though I have done this before it doesn’t scare me any less. Im not so terrified of the pain as I am complications for me and the baby. We went through so much with Cruze and every step was terrifying. I have had a pretty easy pregnancy minus the pregnancy symptoms that suck so of course I feel like any minute something could go array.
Our final doctor’s appointment was last night and we were told the  little baby just MIGHT be a bit on the large side. (His head of course) and its best if we induce Tuesday night. Now, my husband and I have argued a bit about “announcing” things on Facebook. (Everything is an argument with me right now). I just want everyone that is close to us, which is probably everyone who will be reading this right now, that we will not be updating or posting a lot. With Cruze’s birth we were a bit overwhelmed with trying to keep all of our wonderful family and friends updated minute by minute. Its quite exhausting for the Daddy to be. Ill be on drugs hopefully and have no idea how to even use a phone;)
So to all, we will let you know after he’s born and if labor is like last time, it will be a while. I can’t thank everyone enough for their love, support and prayers already! So a few more days and we will meet the newest Collins baby:)

Until then I will continue to be angry and sad for no reason at all while busying myself cooking meals for the freezer. And also thankful for my husband for not throwing me out…

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