Waiting on baby Part 2

OMG, I’m writing on my blog twice in one month! Its a miracle OR it proves how bored I have become. I will say, being homebound from lack of license and car makes time tick by so slow. I feel bad because my husband leaves at 1pm to fight traffic and be at work at 2pm and doesn’t sometimes get home til really late. By that time our day of playing and cartoons is over and we just want to snuggle in bed and his day doesn’t feel over. On his weekends off all he wants to do is relax and Im dragging him out every Friday and Saturday, trying to stay away from the dungeon I’ve been living in. Not to mention once the baby does grace us with his presence, I will be for sure stuck at home for a while. We haven’t had a vacation in a while and it reminds me of why our company give us time off every 4 months. Kuwait is sometimes like living on a large, busy, expensive, dry, hot island with terrible beaches. Sometimes you just need to escape the desert! People ask if we miss home and even though we get quite bored here, I don’t miss America about 95% of the time. I really like it here. Of course without such great friends I might have a different story. Speaking of places I do miss, Europe. If everything goes as planned we will be jetting off to visit our beloved friends in their new home of Bratislava having just moved from Zagreb. I can’t wait to see the Christmas markets in Vienna and drink some WINE.

Until then, more waiting. Waiting on this baby. I know its still early as Im just now 38 weeks tomorrow but I can’t help but wish every pain is labor. (Cruze was born at the end of 38). The past two nights have been quite awful with cramps/back pain and contractions for a good 2 hours. Throughout the day I have some contractions but not as bad as at night. I am MORE than clock watching at this point. Who could think a person could look forward to unbearable pain? My bags are packed, repacked, and looked over just about everyday. Im sure I’ll forget something either way. Our marriage license has been attested by the Kuwaiti Embassy in the US and sent back. We have made copies of all our ids and passports. (Im sure we will forget that too) The quicker the Birth certificate is done, the quicker we get the little monkey a passport and fly off to Europe for some relaxation! Im pretty sure this baby is going to wait til the last possible minute to come only because Im sitting around just waiting on him, darn him. Stubborness? Not sure where that might come from. My husband keeps telling me to get in the kitchen and bake all day since thats what I was doing while in labor with Cruze. I think he secretly just wants a bunch of cupcakes. Im considering it, either way. Our next doc appointment is on the 11th so we will finally see if Ive made any progress. Anyone have a guess as to when the 2nd nugget will come? Me neither. Hey theres a contraction.. come on baby!
Okay back to waiting…

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