Waiting on Baby #2

The under 30 days count down is on. Im so anxious and ready. During my first pregnancy I was a bundle of nerves. With all the minor complications and doctor’s theories on what Cruze may or may not have, it was hard to just breathe normally. I realize that some parents want to know every piece of information when it comes to their baby but I am actually loving the way they do things here in Kuwait. We have an ultrasound every 3 weeks (now every 2) and she measures, checks vitals, and checks his growing. She doesn’t check for down syndrome or any other related problems. They don’t believe that it matters. She point blank said, ” Whats the point? You wouldn’t get rid of the baby would you? Then why would I worry you with these things? In’Shallah, he will be a healthy boy.” I was kind of amazed. You are right, I worried my whole pregnancy with Cruze and I was miserable. I have been sublimely happy over the course of these 9 months ( except at night when Im ready to get this sucker out). I find it odd they don’t check my pee every time but hey, no need to pee in a cup right?
Im really trying to “enjoy” this pregnancy because according to my husband it is the last. Although Im not sure Im completely ready to give up the dream of having a little ballerina like myself, I can’t imagine with all the traveling we do to be outnumbered. Kids are the joy to life, they make it fun. As you get older the fun of your childhood days goes away but with kids, you get to relive all those things again and see it through new eyes. I just love how Cruze lights up when we go to the Zoo or even the store. Now I get to do it all over again with a 2nd baby!
I really try not to complain about pregnancy, Im so lucky to feel this little baby swimming around inside, its really a miracle of sorts to grow a human in your belly. 9 Months is a really long time to constantly do anything though so by the last month you are just mentally exhausted. Its not like you can’t think about it all day, everyday. The “side effects” of pregnancy aren’t pleasant. I was lucky to only be slightly sick in the beginning but boy did I get every other symptom, some i won’t mention. Leg cramps, back pain, heightened smell, evil hormone rages, tiredness, and the getting up to pee every 5 minutes. The best is when the baby moves his head a certain way it triggers this nerve pain that feels like a thousand tiny knives down my entire leg. I won’t miss that! Im so tired of my donut craving. I should have bought stock in Dunkin Donuts. I also more than enjoy my Perrier water. I have always hated fizzy mineral water and now I could drink it all day and night. Oh god I want another.. it would be my third small bottle of the day. I don’t remember having these cravings with Cruze except for I craved Scallops, a dish I would not eat before I was pregnant. Luckily it stuck, unluckily I can never find a good scallops dish here in Kuwait.

My baby shower was a few weeks ago, oh it was so beautiful! The girls who put it together are three of the best women I know! The highlights were the framed photo of a tree and everyone wrote messages on the leaves, the hilarious games, the cake pops, the sweet tea, and of course the gifts! All the little details were so thought out and perfect! I honestly was so overwhelmed with love from everyone. Some of these women haven’t known me longer than 5 minutes (literally) and brought me the most precious items for the baby! I can’t wait to say thank you to them all in a thank you card, if only I could find them. Hopefully the only Hallmark store in the middle east is 30 minutes away. Say a prayer or I will be writing it on notebook paper and thats not fancy…
So here I sit, patiently waiting on the baby.The room is ready ( well half of the master), Ive picked a name. No Im not telling you. I have doubts about it everyday. Its such a big decision! Plus, I can’t really name him until I have seen him. I mean what if he comes out looking like a Bob or Fred?
Its true that the 2nd child is different. Waiting on Cruze, I had to have everything brand new, matching, and coordinated. This baby ( poor thing) has 2nd hand everything. Even his changing table is a TV stand turned into a changing table. No really, it works! His baby swing is pink, and his bed is just a basket but its okay. Do you know how great it is not to buy a crib you know he won’t ever be in? Cruze was never in his baby room, he was always with us… probably because the kid never slept. Here’s hoping this one does. ( yeah right)

Im super excited to meet him and see who’s been kicking me around for 9 months. I can’t wait to see Cruze hold his little brother, or try to kick him across the room… He might be quite jealous. Best of all, I can’t wait to see my husband’s face when he realizes he has two kids. HAHA

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