Desert Fever

If I hear one more person complain about the rain they are receiving in their own country I might faint. I always said I wanted to live where the sun always shines. Boy, did I get my wish. Now I wish for one passing cloud to relieve the Groundhog Day that has affected my senses. Summer seems never ending when you live in the actual desert. The dust storms haven’t been bad and I kind wish they would. They block out the sun!
We live in a country which our company calls a “hardship location”, which means vacations every 4 months. We haven’t had one since May and already Im itching. During Eid ( which is the tale end of Ramadan) everyone had off a total of 9 days. Some went to Italy, Dubai, home, and other various places. We decided to stay home since air travel is so expensive. We sat around the house but tried to get out (aquarium, malls, dinners, and such.) You know, all that fun stuff. We managed to not kill each other which is very good news.
I have had the strong urge to prepare this house for the new baby. Its possible the urge is out of pure boredom but either way I want to get things ready. My big decision of the moment is whether to buy another crib or a toddler bed for Cruze. Toddler bed scares me, all I can think is he will get up and wander around the house and fall down the 10 stories our house consists of.
Speaking of our house, I was on a cleaning spree yesterday and my husband walks in with this sweet little Indian lady. Yep, thats right he got me a maid! 3 days a week and I’m PRAYING she works out. The last one had some issues…
Ive already starting planning what to do with my extra time, start that baby book for Cruze that’s collecting dust, organize my closet, bake homemade bread, take a nap, oh and spend more time with Cruze. Yes Im spoiled, but I do think Hank saw that in the next 2-3 months its possible I wouldn’t be very much help around the house. I have already researched how to freeze 35 casseroles for when the baby comes. I can’t imagine my husband grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning! Im going to have a new baby and a 2 year old. Im so excited for this baby but I don’t think I have any idea how hard this may be. CLEARLY I have forgotten what its like not to sleep or to be someone’s main source of food every hour.
We haven’t settled on a name although I think I have one that is a stand out winner. Of course we won’t announce until after the birth. I feel that I need to see the baby before naming him as we did with Cruze. Today I started researching the paperwork that will need to be done along with the new kid. Its quite the doozy and its not looking good for traveling outside of this country until its all done. Things take a while here, like they are on “island time” indefinitely. Just a reminder, Kuwait is NOT an island… so not sure where they learned it. The main thing is our Marriage License being authenticated. As most know in the Muslim culture, you cannot have a baby unless you are married. They even ask for it when you check into a hotel.
The other news is that I officially have residency in Kuwait! Now I only have to wait another few months for my driver’s license. Oh did I mention I can’t drive until I get the license? Im no longer on a Visa which entitled me driving privileges. Stuck…
On top of everything we have been trying to decide when its best to come back home to visit. The baby is supposed to be born the end of October. We decided December for a “home leave” is just too soon. Thats a really long flight to be taking with a 1 month old. I need to get a grip on being a parent of two before I commit to 26 hours in the air. I can just imagine the terror Cruze would be when the IPad full of Mickey dies mid-air. We are hoping to wait til July since its pretty rough here during Ramadan. Not sure that will work out so we wait… I have found some amazing flights for October/November and have asked my mom and MeMe to come. It would literally be a dream come true to have them both here for the birth but we will see.
I have desert fever as I like to call it, which definitely comes with a lot of homesickness. My need for home isn’t bc I miss living there, its more just missing being there. I honestly have no desire to live back in Charleston most days. I love being here and getting all the fun trips and experiences. I do believe I have grown more as a person being an expat than I did during college. Speaking of which, I would like to give some advice. Don’t go to college unless you can afford it. Yes, I realize thats terrible advice. I had no outlook on the future when I was in my very early twenties. I didn’t plan very well and now Im stuck with huge student loans. I do know that the world has changed since I was 20 years old. College was a must, and if I knew that I’d be a stay at home mom in Kuwait I surely would have gone to a small community college not CofC. I don’t regret college at all. I learned to be an adult, work my ass off and its one of the things I’m most proud of. I always remember my parents saying, ” I wish I knew then what I know now…” I feel ya. So to my sisters, start working, start saving, and ask your big sissy for advice so I can help you to avoid the fallout from not being smarter in my 20s!

I know I am now rambling and no one is still reading this except maybe my Mom (haha) but I also wanted to put my two cents in about a couple of things in the recent news:
1. People, stop freaking out about Ebola. The US is eons above the care they have in Africa. You can’t get it from the two people pretty much quarantined in Georgia. Unless you happen to come into contact with their diarrhea. ( which is how it spread in Africa by the way, they don’t have clean public restrooms like you are used to).
2. Most of you know I love celebrity gossip and Im pretty sure the stock in US weekly has plummeted since I moved away but if I hear another thing about Kim or Kanye OR see another “selfie” of her in a bikini I might die. She is so self involved its ridiculous. I can’t stand it.
3. If Orlando Bloom can’t do it, can someone PLEASE knock the shit out of Justin Beiber? Greatly appreciated.
4. Yes, some planes have crashed but I see no reason people cannot continue to fly. You are safer in a plane than a car but I bet you still text and drive.
5. Yes, there is a war in Israel ( which I am not- nor able to comment on) but people, I live in Kuwait and Im not in harms way. I mean forgodsakes North Charleston is gun and drug capital of the south. Trust me, Im probably safer than you on an average day.

Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for reading my blog, it really means the world to me that people care what I have to say.

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