May Updates

A lot has happened since I last updated… Such a hard secret to keep but yes we are expecting a little boy! Im about 17 weeks and due in October of this year. This past Monday we were able to find out the sex. I was looking so forward to this day, almost more than the R&R vacation that we are taking in exactly two weeks ( more about that later). After a 4 hour wait for the doctor which was beyond ridiculous, I had two boys driving me nuts since they were both hungry and tired of waiting. Now I’d like to preface this story with the fact that I KNEW it was a boy. I know how my luck is even though I pretty much wore some sort of pink everyday for 4 months hoping that would make a difference. As the doctor looked at the baby you could see him turning around. After about 5 minutes she says, ” Well, with the baby not moving as much and Im not seeing anything there, I believe it is a girl.” I looked up at David for a reaction first, then told the doctor no its definitely a boy. I knew it was a boy but for about 20 seconds as she continued to look I let myself get excited. Maybe it IS a girl, oh she will be wrapped around Daddy’s finger, she will have long dark brown hair in pigtails, we can have mommy and daughter day, I can’t wait to go buy her first dress- “NO ITS A BOY” the doctor interrupts my thoughts. Crap. Another boy? I come from a family of all girls, there is like 2 boys on my side of the family!!! I have always envisioned a girl, this has to be a joke! The doctor patted my arm and told me she was sorry. (She knew how bad I wanted a girl and we told her this was the last baby). I won’t lie, the tears were welling up as we finished up. Did you know there is a thing called “gender disappointment”? Many moms go through it hoping for one gender and getting another. Don’t get me wrong, Im super excited! Boys are so fun, Cruze will LOVE having a brother and Daddy has his football team. ( He dreams at least one of them will play college or pro). Also down the road I can go get a pedicure and shop while daddy takes the boys out since you know they will not want to be hanging with mom at the mall. Maybe some peace and quiet! Also boys are much cheaper than girls! Well if you don’t count how expensive groceries will be when they are both teenagers eating us out of house and home. I really am excited and I wouldn’t want anyone to think different. I think it’s just the mourning of a relationship that you may not have. My mom was so great, she was the best mom. I loved shopping with her and getting coffee and our long talks. Now we drink wine and gossip and it is the one thing I miss the most about home. I always thought I’d get to be on the other side of that. But God gives what he thinks we need! I have many best friends with girls and my Brother is having a girl, Leia (yes like Princess Leia, how cute!) and I can’t wait to spoil her! I have a friend who has 4 boys and she says its the best thing in the world and I believe her. I would probably have 3 or 4 kids but as much as we move and travel, maybe its best kept at 2 so this is the final baby! (I think…);)

So more exciting news! Our trip is coming up in a few weeks Im so excited I can’t stand it! We will fly to Rome on May 22 and stay overnight until we board our 10 day cruise that hits Naples, Sicily, Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, and some place in Turkey. Once we get back to port we plan to spend a good 4 days in Rome exploring. I can’t wait for cooler weather and rain. I pray for a thunderstorm or two while in Rome. The weather here is awful hot, we have already hit over 100 degrees and we are just getting started. Since there has been no rain the air just gets more dusty by the day. So this trip is much needed!

David is currently in Newcastle, England for a work trip. I think he’s already planning to move us there after our time in Kuwait ends. Im pretty sure we are serial expats now. Living overseas is probably the best life anyone could ask for. I mean I can’t complain about not working! However I have been thinking about a career change. As much as I love wedding planning and floral design, its been flashing in my mind to get a different path. Unless you own a company and you are well known, the money isn’t amazing when you compare it to the late nights and 100’s or hours you put in.(not to mention the stress!) Many of my friends here are teachers. Its been crossing my mind lately especially since you don’t have to have experience or any type of teaching degree ( just a degree is needed). Obviously Ill have a lot on my plate later this year but its something Ive thought about…

Cruze is feeling better after being sick this past week. We took him to the doctor just in case, with all this “MERS” virus talk happening. Luckily he just had a cold and slight earache. He’s much better now! We also escaped having to get him the TB shot. When you come to Kuwait, you have to have a chest X-ray (TB scan) and blood work done. They check for things like Aids/HIV, Hep B and C. We had to get all of this done in the states and THEN you come here and you have to do it all over again in these scary government clinics. Oh its awful. Almost worse than some of the hospitals and clinics we saw in Hungary. Almost.
Because Im pregnant I can’t do the chest X-ray so they rescheduled me for Christmas Eve to come have it done. Hmmm I think not. We were all so annoyed that day but luckily we had our good friends with us to commiserate.

I felt the baby kick last night! I have this feeling Cruze was our easy baby and this one is going to be crazy… My feelings are usually right. We don’t have names yet. Its still pretty hard to come up with something as cool as Cruze. I hate yuppy names ( even though Im Southern) So I feel like this one is going to be just as hard to pick. We also won’t be naming him until we see him I think. Thats what we did with Cruze and even though his name wasn’t on our final list I saw him and just knew! 

Cruze’s 2nd birthday is coming up in July, I can’t believe he’s going to be 2! I can’t imagine life without him, its true that kids make life worth living. You don’t know that until you have them but I look at him and I just can’t stand how much I want to squeeze him! Even when he’s bad, which is pretty rare usually. He’s still not really talking. I think he said more words before we left the States than he does now. I guess he’s a man of few words like his Dad. He’s very smart so I’m not stressing. I hear when they start talking they don’t stop!

So thats whats been going on, starting preparations for baby and our trip!


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