Thoughts this morning…

Well, summer is here! This week its supposed to be in the mid 90’s. Im not complaining, I hate being cold! At this point I don’t feel like the temperature is as hot as it is in Charleston. I think the dry air is much better than the thick fog of humidity that is in the South… but we are just getting started. 

Im sitting here doing taxes and filing our annoying health insurance claims. When you live overseas, medical bills are more of a pain than you could ever think! Usually you pay up front and then your health insurance reimburses you for the amount they cover. I went in for some blood work and a urine sample. Just a typical run of the mill check up. The doctors appointment was 40KD ($142.11) but the blood work was 198KD ( $703.47). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I could go home and get a paper cut for free,give you the blood and bring a cup to pee in! 
When you live overseas people automatically think you are rich (including insurance companies). No… see, the reason we moved away from our family, friends and everything we know was so we could MAKE more money. Duh… 
There are so many perks to living here, I don’t deny that. But something has to make up for the fact that you live in the desert! We get to live in a giant house ( too big if you ask me, but I’m trying bot to be like that crazy blond girl named Goldilocks…), have a few things paid for us, and some vacations. Our first assignment in Hungary was a lot harder for me but after having returned to the States for 6 months I realized how good I had it beforehand. Being in America is a constant struggle to stay afloat for most people. Both parents are working, paying a mortgage for a house thats too small, two car payments, daycare, etc. All the while they stay most of the time at work, hardly see their kids for a few hours a day and the weekends aren’t for traveling the world, they are for the chores around the house that need to be done. Oh and saving money? Doubtful. Disneyland is about the only vacation they will see that year if they are lucky and can drive to it. 

Thats where we were and it sucked! I like being able to be home with my baby, to travel, to see my husband every night for dinner (unless a plane needs to fly at night), and feel the comfort of knowing we are saving money. That is, as long as we don’t spend $23 on some sliced squash.


At some point we will be back to the good ole American lifestyle but for now Im pretty content here. 

I can’t believe we’ve been here 3 months.  We’ve been making lots of good friends which makes things so much easier for me. We had a big party at our house and about 30ish people attended. It makes me feel happy to know that we aren’t alone. Even though we don’t have our families, our friends become our extended family.

We just recently got a membership to the Hilton Resort which is basically across the street from us. I would walk but that’s a death sentence crossing these streets. Its great, the weather is so perfect almost everyday that sitting by the pool makes us feel like we are on a permanent vacation. They have a nice clean beach as well. Now if we can just get Cruze to enjoy the sand as much as he the pool!



Well, after 3 months of searching for a car to buy we decided on the lease vehicle. Its a great SUV (Land Cruiser Prado) and Im liking it even more especially since Im driving. We weren’t keen on the idea of leasing a car since you can’t sell it, kind of feels like throwing money into the wind. Then when we think of the car accidents we see daily, and knowing a lease car would be fixed without hassle it became a no brainer.


Things are such a process here. To buy a car you have to have a civil id. A civil id takes about 3 months or longer to get. Once you get your civil id you no longer need your temporary visa which allows you to drive. So then you are out of a license until all that paperwork gets through. So my husband has been getting rides to work every morning until he’s able to drive again. Luckily that frees up the car for me. However my Visa just expired so now NEITHER of us can drive until its resolved. What a mess, huh? 

My driving skills are getting better. A friend called it learning to drive “dodgem’ style”. You are constantly looking out for others bc none yields or pay any attention and is ALWAYS on their phone texting. Its nuts, you will see a guy merging onto a highway with his nose in his phone. They might as well be reading a book or a newspaper while driving! You have to drive defensively. If you have to get over, you make sure to cut in front of someone. Don’t get behind them bc you will look weak… No, Im serious, well thats how they think any ways. My child is usually in the car so I would probably drive a lot nuttier if I could but seeing that baby in the backseat makes me think of every move I make. Twice. 
I still can’t get over how people don’t strap their kids in here. No car seats at all. Newborns go in the front seat and the others hang out the windows and sun roof.  Saftey has been grilled into our brains since we were little so its hard understand how they don’t think the way I do.


Okay, I hope everyone enjoys the new blog and subscribes to it. Im hoping its more user friendly and easier to read! Thanks!





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