March Updates

   Not much has been going on around here lately. The weather is starting to heat up rather quickly and from the seasoned Kuwaiti expats, they’ve put the scare in us about just how hot it will become. Its in the low to mid 80’s during the day. We live a block from the beach so we get a good wind off the water that makes it seem a bit cooler. I’m not completely stressed about it yet, after all Im from the hot hot south. I know 130 degrees is different than Charleston but really everything is hot above 90 right? Hmmm…

   Im adjusting to the idea of no shorts. I am NOT adjusting the the idea of capris. Listen, short girls don’t do well in long shorts, it would very possibly be fashion suicide. I’m hoping that my long sundresses will suffice. 

   We have really started to make lots of friends here. I said today, ” I haven’t made this many new friends since the first day of Kindergarten!”. We have met people from all over too. Kuwait, Lebanon, Hungary, England, Russia, US, France, and so on! Its such a nice thing to meet people that didn’t all grow up in the same State. Its also nice that most of these people have kids as well. I never realized how important that can be when hanging out. Of course we have fabulous friends without kids who seemingly put up with ours throwing french fries at the dinner table. They will even pick up his juice cup off the floor 7 times before leaving it. (thats a good friend)

   Cruze is a pretty good kid most of the time. His personality is really coming through. He’s shy when he meets people and seems to like adults more than kids. Once he warms up, he will hand you his favorite blanket and you know you have made a new friend. His dance skills have really progressed, he’s even twerked a few times.. His favorite music is Pitbull, Lady Gaga, and he’s pretty into Demi Lovatos new song. Haha…. He just turned 20 months this week and although he isn’t talking too much he knows exactly what everything is. He’s into the word “car” the past few weeks and has an odd obsession with buses and vans. In fact, we were walking through the mall parking garage a while back and he had an absolute freak attack to see this van. Not any van, but a creepy white van with a  “I kidnap kids in this van” look to it.  Dad took him to see it but I told him when he’s older we need to really make him understand not to ever go anywhere alone and vans are always bad.

  I am really glad we live in such a big house. When its too hot to breathe outside, I know that we can relax in our “mansion” and Cruze has room to run. Well its not a mansion but when it comes to cleaning, it might as well be.  There are 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, two living rooms, breakfast area, dining rooms, a hallway, and a third floor. It takes me all week to get it cleaned. So whats the best news a girl can hear? ” Taylor, I hired a maid today.” Now I realize I sound like a spoiled brat right now and if we weren’t in Kuwait I wouldn’t have the ginormous house. But ALL of the houses here with any type of “yard” for our dog are huge! So when in Kuwait, do like the Kuwaitis do… get a maid. She starts tomorrow and for now ( notice I said “for now”) she will be 2 days a week. Im a freak about dog hair on the floor, it drives me crazy so Im hoping this relieves some of my stress. Most people here have “live in” maids. Its so cheap here a live in maid probably cost you anywhere from $16-20 a day. We have heard some really sad stories about the conditions for maids and even heard stories about the former bosses keeping their work documents at ransom when the next family hires her. They would want thousands of dollars for them to give back her papers. I mean, thats slavery right? I don’t know how someone could be cruel. Most of the maids send money home to their families and they only live here to support their loved ones. They also love to work for expat families, which is where they are treated best. So its going to be great to have some help, Im not the world’s best cleaner…

   We are still waiting on our Civil IDs. We have friends here that have taken nearly 7 months to get theirs. WIthout a civil id, you can’t buy a car so we are STILL in our Honda Pilot rental. We’ve been here about two months and we already have 4 different cracks in the window just from the roads. Im not excited for it to happen to our car when we buy it. Our dilemma is whether to get one or two cars. Im pretty much stuck at home all day without one so we are weighing our options. Does anyone know a place to get a two for one deal here in Kuwait?;)
Also, without our IDs we are not allowed to leave the country or it would start the ID process all over again. So until then we are dreaming about where are R&R vacation will be. Im thinking sandy beaches with crystal blue waters… We have a few options lined up and I’m SUPER excited. 

Also, great news… Im going to be an Aunt in July to a little girl! I can’t wait!

   Life here is pretty good, I really can’t complain at all. I of course miss our families but Cruze seems to find my phone and Skype them when Im not looking. So if you are to get a call at 4am your time, don’t worry its not an emergency. Cruze is just missing you.

 Things that have happened lately:
– a Kuwaiti woman all dressed in her burqa was in line at the co-op ( small grocery store) and bought Cruze a balloon that he kept playing with. How sweet is that?
-We bought Cruze a trampoline so he will have indoor activities for when we are stuck inside.  I promise, we aren’t spoiling him but when its 130 degrees you can’t just go to the park. Most people with kids here have trampolines in their house. We aren’t crazy…I promise.
– Went to a picnic with some new friends, it was so fun! Met a bunch of their family and the boys played some basketball while the girls gabbed.
– Trying to talk my husband out of this dirt bike phase he’s in.  I think I talked him right into a Jetski phase. Crap.
– Boeing unveiled the Kuwaiti C-17 a few weeks ago and its even taken a few flights!
– Enjoyed a very upscale Farmers Market with friends on a parking garage roof top

(sorry there are no pictures, Im much to lazy tonight to download them all so I hope this entry doesn’t bore everyone to tears.)

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