Insha’Allah, you will read this..

It’s 4:30pm and I’m on my 2nd latte of the day. We got up early this morning to hit the grocery store before Hank had to go off to work. It felt more like the grocery store hit me. I hate going, its so stressful converting everything, trying not to buy the awesome American goods like Poptarts, and all the while taming the screaming Husband and child. On a better note: The Plane is arriving today! A little background, the Kuwaiti Air Force has bought a C-17 from Boeing and that’s why we live here. Does that sum it up? Anyways, you can read more about that in this link:

Its pretty exciting piece of history and its even cooler that my husband gets to be on the ground level of this start up in Kuwait. I have deep love for the C-17, as its been the reason for the roof over our head and the great experiences we have had and will have. My husband started his career in the Air Force when he was just a teen and not too many years ago, became a Boeing employee working on the 787 and then on to the C-17 again. I admire my husband for his hard work and dedication to Boeing. Sometimes when I hear him discussing the plane all I hear is HSC,CBD, ABC, 123… everything is in some kind of letter slash number formation. I rarely know what he is saying or if its English. Anyhow, its pretty cool he can go out and fix something of this size and know how all its parts work.
(Im sure if you are reading this, Mike Rogers and Mike Martinez, you are gagging.;) Enough bragging-my point is that his job is pretty cool.

 As you can see from the picture, this the the only C-17 thats painted. Kuwait Air Force has some serious style…

Kuwait Air Force C-17

   Not too much has been happening in our neck of the desert. Im still trying to learn how to clean this house to last longer than a day. A few days ago it was quite windy outside. Being my amazingly smart self I decided to open the kitchen window after I finished cleaning to let some “fresh” air in. By fresh air, I mean air integrated with smells of oil and thick dust. Later I came back and realized that not only had I let flies the size of small airplanes in, but there was a half inch of dust covering my floor and counter. Good job on that one, Einstein. Opening a window is not the only way to let dust in, it just comes in with out being invited. Our front door might as well be a screen door because the floor was covered. So even though we haven’t had a dust storm, a bit of wind is enough to kick up the dust and make visibility on the streets non existent. 

View from our Roof

    We had a great Valentine’s Day this past weekend. A few of us from the Boeing group decided to have an awesome lunch at Cheesecake Factory at the Avenues mall. I won’t even go into how expensive it was… try double. Either way, it was lovely! We even just happened to be sitting right next to Waleed, a guy we met at the Honda dealership. We’ve been shopping for a car and its been about as fun as a sharp stick in the eye. Waleed greeted us at the Honda dealership and we couldn’t help but ask if he was from the States his English was perfect. He went on to tell us they lived in the States but just recently moved to Kuwait where his family is from. We ended up meeting his beautiful wife and sweet little baby who happens to be Cruze’s age! Such a small thing but meeting new friends is always great! Cruze and their son played together for a bit over the partition that separated the tables. 
That weekend we also went to see the giant sandcastles at the Kuwait Fairgrounds which was neat. I was convinced it was cement, not sand. I mean how does it not blow away? The talking monkey/prairie dog riding a camel was the highlight of the day. We couldn’t stop laughing after he slowly said ” Come stroke my camel…”. What a dirty little monkey/prairie dog. 

US girls also got to have a little “girl time” while the guys took the kids back to the house to play. The guys were thrilled to have 4 children to tend to. I haven’t had my nails done since… well, I can’t remember its been so long.   We even got to do a little shopping.

 I have to say its really great having friends here especially ones that make me laugh so hard that I spit food out. After having lived in Papa, I have learned that I can’t become a bear and hibernate which is what I did there in Hungary. I missed out on a lot of great friendships there. Although I do still have some I miss dearly!:) Sometimes being an expat and living in a different country can feel like a completely different life. I try to be sure that I don’t lose (see Dad, I used the right word!) a sense of who I am. You know.. funny, smart, and basically just awesome. {sarcasm, ya’ll}  Sometimes its easy when you are a housewife to not want to get out of your sweatpants or not want to leave the house for weeks on end. Even easier when you really have nowhere to go! At least here, theres a big city and lots of things for the kids to do. Yesterday we went to the Aquarium which Cruze loves. I think he could spend all day looking at just one fish-which is good since that aquarium has about 4 fish… No its not that bad but if you have ever been to the Atlanta Aquarium, you will compare everything to this! Kuwait’s aquarium is better than Papa ( where we used to live). Our aquarium there was courtesy of our backyard pond with some goldfish and frogs.

   Another exciting that that has happened, I finally am able to drive in Kuwait! Luckily my highway experience have not been that bad. Only in the “roundabout of death” did I incur any issues. Just some super awesome guy in a truck deciding that he didn’t care if he killed us all, he was going to cut me off as I was turning out of the circle because HE was more important. Im really glad I had Tara as my co-pilot… I might have had a small heart attack or chased him down and kicked his ass ( ok, not really).  In Kuwait, they have this saying “Insha-Allah” which means, “god willing” or “if Allah wills”. They pretty much use this for anything. Foe example, we waited 3 weeks for someone to come fix our washing machine. The lady on the phone said to my husband, ” Insha’Allah, the repair man will come.”. Translation: if we feel like it. The Muslim faith believes that their lives paths are already chosen, if they die from driving erratically then it must be what God had planned. Its why they don’t strap their kids in, why they talk on the cell phone and drive, and drive at super high speeds or don’t EVER yield. Most people like myself believe that God has plans for us however, we are ultimately responsible for making smart and logical decisions. But to each their own, I’m not judging. I just prefer if your belief in fate didn’t challenge my life.

As for those family and friends missing Cruze, he is doing really good. He’s starting to talk a bit more saying things like milk, raisins, more, done, doggie, kitty, and a few others. He knows more than he says, which is just a tactic to drive me insane. We’ve started the “Intro to Potty Training:101”- introduction to your privates. He calls it his “yeah yeah”. I have no idea why but his interested in the potty just not actually using it. From what I hear from my friends here with kids, potty training has become a full time job.  Im not looking forward to this at all.  Whats more expensive, diapers or sanity? 
I also think I might start a club, Mothers Who do it Without Wine Club. I’m an involuntary member. I drink pure grape juice to pretend. I still need to invest in a wine glass just to feel a little more like the real thing. My mother said to me the other day on the phone, ” I just don’t know how you do it over there, I couldn’t not drink my wine.”. I like how she calls it “my wine”. She is pretty hilarious. I really wish my family could come visit over here, I would love to show them where I live, plus we have so many unused guest rooms! Not that I want to clean them…Im still hoping my brother will come…fingers crossed! (maybe he can stash some wine in his bag!) I kid! I kid!

For those who read this, I’ve rambled enough. 🙂 Tay


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