Sunday Thoughts

     Its so weird that my Sunday is actually my Monday. Well, I guess my days are pretty much all the same now since my work consists of Barney, toys and dirty diapers. I do appreciate the opportunities that I have had living overseas so I do not complain. 
I have to say this time around is much easier. Living in Hungary was a lot harder I think. Im not sure why exactly but my guess is the fact that I was 7 months pregnant, newly married, unsure of the world with a kind of “fish out of water” attitude. From where I stand today I feel like I have learned so much. Its amazing what you learn from traveling around the world. Im really looking forward to our next vacation, actually. Not that Im tired of Kuwait or anything, but adventure is always nice! Kuwait is considered a hardship location so our Company would like us to get out of the country every 4 months and get a break. Im eager to start deciding where we will go! We have been so many places in Europe that this time I think maybe we could go somewhere exotic. Im looking for any excuse to be in a swim suit:) What a hard decision, I mean where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world? ( taking into account that you really don’t want to fly for too long with a 1 year old, 19 hours from home was too much). I’d love to hear everyones choices, just comment below or on my Facebook page!

Yesterday we went to the mall ( shocking, I know). I can’t even remember why we went there but any excuse is a good one to me! The Avenues Mall is ridiculous. They have different wings. I have been there 5 times and still have not seen it all. Anything you want they have. The have a whole wing dedicated to just jewelry. It literally feels like you walked into a jewelry box. One wing is called The Souk which is built to look like the old Kuwait shops. My favorite is the Prestige which is all gold and black marble, unlike anything I have seen before. Fendi, Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Choo, Tiffany’s, and all those other designers I can’t afford. I have been in the market for a nice purse since my diaper bag days are over (for now). My husband told me to gather my balls and walk in the Louis Vuitton store. I swore to him that they could tell my bank roll just by looking at my unpolished and un-pedicured toes. He said shut up and I did… Man, I want one of those bags so bad. Whats worse is seeing all these women in there buying ANOTHER one. Next I went in Prada which was even more intimidating since their heavy glass doors are closed only to be opened by a burly security guard. I walked in a pretended I had been there before. I discovered a beautiful, yellow handmade ostrich bag. The feel of that bag in my arms…. Ladies, you know what Im talking about! (guys, just hold on Im almost done) I was looking for a price tag when the store clerk came over. I could see he wasn’t keen on my drool over the purse. So how much you ask? Only 2000KD… which equals $8000. WHAT? Well, I kind of knew how much it was, I pride myself in knowing useless information about items of this stature. Its a weird obsession I have. The craziest part of this, I got online and looked up the price on Prada… only $6900. That purse in Kuwait is more than $1000 more than the States!

Not that I would ever buy that purse, or could afford it, but that just shows you how much more stuff costs over here.
Groceries, clothes, houses, cars, etc. ALL more expensive here. Clothes shopping is almost out of the question for me. We went to buy a pair of jeans at American Eagle… $70 bucks. I used to work for AEO and know thats not normal. PLEASE lord let us get an APO address here. My husband has already forbid us to buy paper towels….
Heres a little price snapshot of what we are dealing with:

Here in Kuwait:
Papertowels (american standard) $12 for 3 small rolls
asparagus $13
blueberries $6.02
hot dogs (ballpark) $10
Non alcoholic wine $15
fountain coke at a restaurant: $3.50
baby wipes (one pack) $4.50
strawberries one pint $8
Cereal  anywhere from $7-$12 a box
Johnny Rockets tab at the mall: $45 for 2 burgers, 2 drinks one fry and a kids meal… I mean its not Nobu for goodness sakes!

So although I have many luxuries that I did not have in Hungary, they come at a mighty cost! I do miss the days of Hungary where blueberries were $1. Especially since my kid only eats blueberries… 

Anyways, heres a few pictures of the mall.

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