Moving to Kuwait Update Part 1

So this portion was written last week but I figured I’d post any ways since my family keeps asking:)
Pictures next time I swear!

  Wow, I’ve barely had time to breathe since we got here. Immediately we got to work moving in, buying appliances, furniture, home goods, groceries… Im exhausted. People keep asking how we like it here or whats it like. To be honest, we haven’t been able to enjoy ( or not enjoy) where we are now living. Im really just focused on getting this house the way we need it to be comfortable. Sweeping the dusty floors, organizing the kitchen, and cleaning the bathrooms. They told us they cleaned the house before we moved in. I can’t decide if Kuwaitis don’t know how to clean or their version is much different than Americans. Either way, its gross and its already been 2 days of nonstop cleaning. It doesn’t help that this house is too big.
  There is a place here called Alganim which is comparable to a Best Buy in the States. Its open 24/7 although Im not sure why. WHo wakes up at 3am and says hey I need a washer and dryer? Any how, we bought a tv, washer/dryer, dvd player, and refrigerator. They delivered the washer and dryer yesterday and the damn thing doesn’t work. Its BRAND NEW! OUr refrigerator has failed to show up 2 days in a row. No phone call, nothing. We call them, ” oh we come tomorrow”. Yeah right. Meanwhile I get the awesome task of going up the 6 flights of stairs to the frig in the maids rooms. ( yes, we have a Maid’s room and I’m ready to put a maid in it at this point.) Im praying the frig actually shows up.
  Aside from the massive difficulties we have had, we have managed to actually get cell phones which Im grateful for. That was a headache as well. ( you need a civil ID to maintain internet or phones but you can’t get one for like 3 months. We just bought the iPhones at full price and have to get sim cards that only last two weeks until we can get full plans. Im sure you are wondering WHY this is an issue. Well American cell phones companies are assholes. Im ALSO going to tell you a secret. Look at your phone. Yes, that precious device that you love does not belong to you. It belongs to your carrier. Do you know why? Bc if that phone company should annoy you SO much to the point you want to leave, you cant. Sure you can cancel your contract, pay 200 bucks and skip out. But that phone won’t work Anywhere else. So my point is… they suck.
But we have phones!

Ive been putting this on Facebook, but I thought I would do it here as well. So here are the things I have learned in Kuwait so far:
1. The Call to Prayer 5 times a day is weird. I rarely see people actually praying.
2. Driving here is insane! You have to drive like fast and the furious to keep up.
3. all the houses are huge, Kuwaitis have a lot of money bc of the oil.
4. Any type of american food is at your finger tips. The grocery stores carry lots of american products, vegetables, and fruits. You will pay a HEFTY price. For instance, asparagus $13, Ballpark hotdogs $10, green onions ( imported from the states) $8. Are you kidding? You have to be sure to look and make sure its not from the US. I can’t afford it!
5. Everyone is really nice, most importantly they LOVE babies especially Kuwaiti men. They will play with them, kiss them and show them off. For instance, in a restaurant the waiters will kiss him bring him a treat and then take him so we can eat sometimes.. its crazy at first but we are getting used to it. The best part is that Cruze loves them all especially our realtor, Mustafa.
6. no wine=no fun but the embassy does have happy hour twice a week. the key is just getting invited:)
7. Trash pick up is at all hours of the day and night depending. They pick up everyday which is awesome. Why can’t the states do that? What’s with just one day a week??
8. Women’s salons are always on the 2nd floor, and mens on ground level. You are not supposed to see the women with their face uncovered which is the reason they put it up high.
9. Pretty much everyone speaks English.
10. The Kuwait Dinar is equal to about $3.60 of our money.
11. They are big on malls. The malls are bigger than Ive ever seen and Ive been to the Mall of America.  The avenues mall is huge, Ive been 4 times and still yet to see everything. They are amazing!
12. Smoking is not allowed in many places yet people do it anyway, malls, offices, and airports.
13. Children are rarely seen buckled in a car. They are not big on child safety laws. MOst the time they are hanging out the sunroof, windows or sitting in a lap of the person driving or in the front seat. Its horrible.
14. Dating is illegal for Kuwaitis.
15. It is illegal in Kuwait to be unmarried and live together if you aren’t related. The hotel asked for our marriage certificate upon arrival.
16.  As Ive said before, appliances suck and break. Our dryer broke, washer won’t wash and the tv remote just stopped working. We’ve had them all for a total of 1 week…

I promise to update more about the culture, our plans, vacations, etc:) Love to hear comments below!

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