Leaving…on a jet plane…

Well, its the “eve” before we leave! (hey that rhymed…)

We have done this whole moving across the pond before, so you would think we would be pros! Nope, it doesn’t really go smoother. Luckily, we were only in our house for about 5 months so it helps that I procrastinated unpacking from the last time. We have moved out, sold our belongings including our brand new cars ( that one hurt!), I quit my job (that one hurt too) and we packed up as much as we could into 9 large suitcases.

I’ve said goodbye to my family including my Grandpa thats in the hospital who’s dying for a sausage biscuit… Hopefully he keeps recovering and is out by Saturday to get to Hardees. I also got to see my Great Granny, which is Cruze’s great Great Granny. She is still as sharp as a tack at a young 102 come March 16th! Can you believe it? Still in her skirts and heels…

I hate saying goodbye, its the worse part of this. I hate taking Cruze away from his family. Without Skype, Im not sure I could do this.

We are really excited to move to Kuwait and I plan to really embrace this move compared to our Hungary stint. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for that one and I really didn’t see how great we had it, even though we went through a lot while there. Kuwait is a much bigger place with a more westernized feel. Heck, there is a Chilis, Olive Garden, and Papa Johns to name a few! Not to mention anything you want will deliver at all hours of the day! So it has some perks:)

As I said, I plan to go in this move with a better outlook. I hope to make some friends, join some clubs, and embrace everything Kuwait has to offer. I want to update my blog as much as possible so friends and family can see how life in the Middle East will be. Maybe I can even squash some common misconceptions about the Middle East. Im really excited for this journey and I hope everyone follows along with us!

Love and miss you all!

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