Paris Trip

Paris Trip
My whole life I have wanted to go to Paris. Paris is where lovers go and movies are filmed. Who doesn’t dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower up close and personal? My friends who live in Croatia, Hannah and Dani and their sons; Ryder and Finnegan, as well as myself and Cruze decide to take a nice little relaxing trip to Paris. This trip was anything but relaxing… but man did we have fun!
I arrive in Paris feeling like I had accomplished taking over the world. I had made it through a 2 hour drive to the Vienna airport, a 1 hour layover in Frankfurt (running to my gate included), and arriving in Paris on schedule. Hannah had said there is no way to fly without crying. I had proved her wrong! (well, at this point in the trip, anyway) We met up in the airport, almost got abducted by some illegal cab drivers, some lady trips Dani, and finally get on a bus to take us into town. Ok, so we didn’t almost get abducted, we are smarter than that… BUT these strange men wanted us to get in their van. One American lady looked at me and said “DON”T do it. They are most the time illegal and will charge you ungodly amounts.” I told the girls the lady’s advice and we shooed the men away. The proceeded to tell us in loud voices that there is no way to get into Paris without them. Huh? Weirdos…
       We couldn’t check into our hotel until 2:30 so we immediately hit up a Starbucks, which doesn’t surprise anyone reading this I assume. We are starving so we use our maps to direct us to our apartment. We find a small little sushi joint on our street, order some food and then make our way up to the apartment. Im so excited to get there, after being up since 2am and running around literally everywhere, I just want to sit. The apartment is 3 stories up and the elevator (luckily) is just big enough to hold my folded up stroller. We hit the 3, then run up the stairs to meet it. I swear, I already feel like Im in some movie. It feels just like Paris! (I know… it is Paris) The place is beautiful! Its only a one bedroom but its big enough to sleep all of us. We relax while the babies run around and we eat our delicious sushi. Yeah, I know, we go to France and eat Japanese. We are Americans… its my only excuse. 
We go to a wonderful French dinner and have a nice bottle of red wine. The wine went to our heads, or maybe a combination of tiredness and wine. We decide to walk to the eiffel tower. It was only 2.7 miles. Thats not bad, right? Wrong, you idiots. By the time we made it, I thought we would die. It was so worth it. We got to see it at night, sparkling and shining in all its glory. We finally found our way to a metro, figured out the routes, and then walked the rest of the way to the apartment. I will tell you this, I have never been so tired in my entire life. We finally fell into bed with our little ones asleep around 130am. Our kids were troopers this whole trip. We wore them our everyday and every night we felt like our feet were falling off and that we might not survive the next day. We eventually learned the metro and how to get around. I cant tell you how many memorable moments that happened. To Hannah falling down trying to sit on the Metro to Dani tripping over everything, I have never laughed so hard. In the Louvre, we got in trouble for our children not having shoes, our kids screaming, and putting Cruze on my shoulders. I can only tell you about the first day, because if I continues I would be here forever.  I had such a great time. I learned that the French arent mean like people think ( you would be mad too if people toured your city constantly), that Paris isnt really a place for children ( knew that before, really), that you need to wear tennis shoes, Cruze is a player with the “ladies” ( he hit on two older girls), and laughter and friendship goes best when in Paris (You dont need all that fancy love stuff). The best part of the trip I would say, was the “lovers bridge”. It where people come from all over and put locks on the bridge and throw the key in the river as a symbol for everlasting love. We all bought a lock and wrote our husband’s and children’s names on them and threw the key into the river one by one. I kept one of the keys hoping to put it on a necklace. 
It was one of the most fantastic times Ive had, albeit exhausting, but nonetheless exciting! Paris is beautiful and I thank my sweet husband for the birthday present he gave me!!

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