Home Leave Part 2

So to sum it all up: Going home was great. I had waited for this moment for a while. Every since we moved here in May 2011, I was counting the days till I could move home again. I was lonely, sad, and disoriented in this new life. Yes, things were mellow and the adventures were fun but we said ONE year right? 
A few of you will be mad at me saying this… but coming home taught me something. Im not sad or disoriented anymore. In fact, I pretty much LOVE it here. What people may not understand is that before we moved, my life was stressful. I had lost a job, lost my sweet dog Madison, and didn’t know where to go from there with my career. I was pregnant and basically on Welfare (ok, unemployment but for the purpose of the story…). Being here is like a breath of fresh air. We aren’t stressed, we don’t worry about how to pay rent or if we will ever get a vacation. We live day to day without the traffic, the noise, or the commotion.( or Charleston drama, although I get to hear about it which I secretly like). Yes, it definitely gets boring sometimes but I have really learned to enjoy it. I have time to write a blog or cook a big meal or start a new project. Im just learning to use my time wisely… The fact is, life here was hard at first, but once you jump through the hurdles of communication and learning how to buy flour… its easier. I appreciate more things now. My family and friends are still my whole life. Having iMessage and Skype makes this all possible. I still have my gripes like WHY can’t I just get some asparagus, I wish McDonalds was closer, I miss my American foods, I cant read anything, etc. You learn to live with what you have and things like finding spinach in the grocery store is exciting! Going to the states was completely stressful. I even got a cold and felt horrible from all the fatty foods we ate. We are used to fresh produce and we hardly ever eat out. I WILL say, going into Harris Teeter was like HEAVEN. They had every baby food you could want, they had gossip magazines galore, and any food you could possibly need! ( I do miss Mr. Teeter)
Rovinji, Croatia
I saw my friends stressing over money, jobs, and bills. I looked around and said to myself, “ I wish everyday I could be near my friends and family. But being in Hungary is providing us a life so I can be with my son and husband 24/7, travel the world, and not worry. If i was to come back to the states, I would have to get a job and put Cruze in daycare.”
It really was an eye opener. I realized Im the happiest I’ve ever been. Our goal is to continue an expat life so we can plan a nice future for our family when we come back to the States for good. We have this wonderful opportunity to see Europe for cheap and its been amazing! Ive went to 8 countries in less than 2 months when we first arrived. I spent Christmas in Tuscany! Ive been to Poland, Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Czech Republic, just to name a few. We have wonderful friends who live in Zagreb that we get to visit and go skiing with. Next month we are planning to go to Dubrovnik, Croatia for some coastal life! My bucket list has always had traveling on the top of the list and I have exceeded my expectations for that list. All in all, my trip was great and I miss everyone on a daily basis. I wish that my mom was close by to help with Cruze or to just talk to without worrying about the time difference. I wish my best friend and I could go to Target on a Saturday, yet we’ve made it work. An 8 hour time difference just means I have someone to text in the middle of the night when Cruze wakes up to eat:)
I promise to start writing more in this blog. I haven’t posted much at all about our travels. I need to.. I have no excuse! Thanks for reading:)
PIctures of places we go!
Krakow, Poland
Zagreb, Croatia
Graz, Austria
Werfen, Austria

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