4th of July, or something kind of like it…

      Sitting outside today while my cupcakes bake away in the oven for the Boeing “4th of July” celebration thats being held on the 6th. ( I don’t know why either…) Its finally raining! We haven’t really seen any rain in weeks and this one doesn’t seem like it will last that long either. Its weird to complain about it being sunny all the time, but Im used to some variation in the weather. It also does not help that the sun starts coming up around 330am and doesn’t set until about 930pm. When its sweltering hot out, you just want the sun to find a damn cloud! As you know the 4th of July was yesterday however it was like a regular day to us. No fireworks, no lake or beach, and none of Dad’s famous BBQ. I don’t miss too many foods here except sandwiches and BBQ pork. We got a Subway fix today in Budapest. It was like heaven delivers… that and a parking ticket of $25 bucks. And lunch was $25. No $5 foot longs here!
    You learn real quickly here to appreciate the little things that you don’t notice when you are home in the states. Just going to the Grocery store and hoping THIS time, you will choose flour and not some wheat germ because you can’t read the label…
      Yesterday proved to be quite difficult as well. After getting one of our translators from Boeing to help me send a letter via the post office (do you know how dumb that makes me feel?), I set out to Tesco aka Hungarian version of Walmart, for a few items. I took my time strolling around the store. Walking is good for me and the baby. I needed thank you cards so I can send to the wonderful people who attended my baby shower last week. Well what do you know, they don’t have thank you cards here! I ended up with a notepad and some weirdly sized envelopes. I almost got party invitations because they were the right size and blank inside, but I thought it might be tacky to have a wine glass on a BABY shower thank you card. After finding everything I needed ( or at least getting a coke and some candy to relieve the stress of NOT finding what I needed), I go to check out. Let me start by saying thanks to Wachovia Bank for being a piece of crap. I blame you for this entirely. This is not the first time our card has been declined randomly. Hey, we have told you numerous times we are moving to Hungary. Get it straight! So the card was declined, the cashier brings over 4 more cashiers, holds up both lines and they stare at me like I was trying to steal. One lady in line even seems to yell at me.  “Do you speak English?” I asked one of them. “Nope.” That was the answer. So you know a form of the word “no”, but you don’t know any English?? We’ve been told that some Hungarians know English but are too afraid to speak it. Meanwhile, Im calling Hank’s cell phone 100 times with no answer. After the security guard escorts me and my buggy away. I just sit down. Finally i somehow manage to tell them Ill be back. (Can we say at this point I needed that can of caffeine and gummy bears more than ever?) We finally cleared it up and got our groceries when my knight and shining armor of a husband saved me. I finally let go of the tears in the car and had him go in and retrieve my melting groceries. Pregnancy hormones have this way of rearing their head when stressed. Everyday here can be a new struggle. We miss home a lot or at least the comforts of home. You don’t know how many times I see a sign with English and get a rush of excitement. Its not bad here, its just an adjustment. After all, we have only been here just 2 months. It gets easier with time. Plus, we have such nice Boeing family support and love!
     As for the baby, he is around 7 lbs and still growing. Only 12 more days til his due date ( and my dreaded 29th birthday). Im trying to enjoy not having a baby to worry about. Its only 12 more days til 18 years of child rearing. (now THAT is scary) We don’t have a name yet and people really look at us like we are crazy but its hard to name something you haven’t seen. I have to say this name 1000 times a day for the rest of my life so I want it to be perfect and fit him. I believe we are getting closer but I won’t say any names until we have him. People have such opinions!;)

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