Weekend In Zagreb, Croatia (plus a baby update)

     In Croatia again this past weekend, but this time we explored Lake Jarun and downtown Zagreb. As we have mentioned before, our friends live in Zagreb. Chris (Shea) and Dani have lived in Zagreb for about two years. They are also expecting their first child later this fall. Shea works for the US Embassy.   David and Shea met in the Air Force many years ago and remained friends all this time. They have become our best friends over here and we are so thankful for them. Shea is an Apple product genius and has really helped us set up our iPhones, iTunes, and Apple TV as well as internet and sling box. On our way to Zagreb ( which is 3 hours from Papa) we realize that we have forgotten our passports about 20 minutes into the trip. Thats never a way to start off a trip especially when you have a hormonal husband. 😉
When we get there, Shea and Dani cook us a nice steak on the grill. (as I have said before Hungary does not have good steak). Their neighbors are also over who have a 5 month old son. Seeing a baby as cute as it was, really scared us just a bit. We still don’t believe we are going to be parents. Of a child. Isn’t that dangerous???
   The next day Shea, David and I head to the lake and Dani meets us out later. We take Turk (the dog) since he goes everywhere anyways. As soon as we get out of the car, Turk jumps out like always and sniffs around. He never strays far, and he’s always aware of where Shea is. Within a split second, this Croatian guy with scary tattoos runs up to Shea and gets in his face about the dog! We aren’t sure what he planned to do… he was pissed and acted like he wanted to fight!! Maybe he was scared of dogs? EIther way, things like that give us a bad taste in our mouth. People don’t mind their own business here in Europe. A few examples…
– Last week I was in Budapest and i was turning right in the car and this man gets behind me and lays on the horn bc I didn’t turn fast enough.
– I was crossing over train tracks with a red blinky light and the old lady on the other side shook her fist at me!!! Mind your own business!!
– At a car lot and the owner tells us not to look inside the cars and shoos us aways from the cars!
– Our landlord rides his bike and stands in front of our house just watching.
… I could tell you a lot more stories like this…

Anyways, we had a great time at the lake making fun of old men in speedos and how fat women seem to wear the skimpiest bathing suits. Their fashion sense is beyond your imagination… Like what is with the shaved head half mohawk look for guys?? Or how they wear purses, fanny packs, and capris?? Or how the women think that belly shirts are still cool. Dani and I went shopping at H&M after the lake and no joke, this women was wearing these blue see through pants (almost like tights material). They had built-in blue shorts but she had them pulled into her butt like a thong. No this women wasn’t 100lbs. She was about 200 lbs. HOW on earth do you walk around like that?? Anyhow, Im writing another blog spot on this “issue of fashion”.
    Sunday we saw downtown Croatia and even went to see “What to Expect when you’re Expecting.” We ate at a great little Italian restaurant and had yummy food. ( WAY better than anything I had in Italy…
 Im a little jealous of Zagreb. They have actual movie theaters, malls, and things to do! We went to L’Occitaine and bought some great soaps. I love how our husbands can be manly enough to go to a store like that and even help me pick out stuff. Expensive soaps and hand lotions somehow just make a person feel amazing. In Zagreb most people speak English or at least know a little bit. We also found baby wipes in the hard case. Yes, Hungary doesn’t sell the cases for wipes and as a former nanny I know how important a hard case to the wipes can be. You know what really irks me about some of these European countries?? You need tylenol? How about some nasal spray? No, you can’t go to the grocery store, CVS, or the gas station. You have to go to the actual Pharmacy. For goodness sakes, my doctor had to write a prescription for iron supplements!!! Its really annoying you can just pick up some Tums if your stomach hurts.

We had a great time in Croatia and this will be our last trip for a while until after the baby. This week our friends Stephanie and Olen are throwing us a little Welcome/Baby Shower on Saturday. Our residency permits just arrived so we will hopefully be buying a car this week as well. All just in time for the baby…

Baby Update: Friends our predicting our baby could come as soon as next week. However, as stubborn as he has been I think he will be late… just to make me a little more anxious. Im okay with whatever he wants to do.I still have to finish packing a bag, painting the coral in his room and a few other things. I am getting bigger by the day and a little more uncomfortable by the minute. Im pretty excited and scared. These emotions are very conflicting so you can imagine how I feel.(Dear baby, please don’t hurt me too bad…Love mommy)

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