Update for those who are interested…

I have realized Im terrible at blogging. Im sure you have noticed too. However, I have decided I am only terrible at it because its hard to take vacations and then tell them back word for word without being boring! So I have decided to take pieces of vacations and tell the best parts of them! So i really really promise to be better. Im also going to try and blog about the different aspects of our lives and more about being in Europe.

As for an update on us, we are doing really good. This past weekend we had our good friends from Croatia come up to Papa and we had a cookout with all the friends. My husband has told me since we met that all his best friends live over in Europe. Now that we are here its like a Saved by the Bell reunion. Its great to see how happy they all are to be back together. We also headed to Lake Balaton on Sunday for a little sun ( no sand, apparently Europe doesn’t believe in sand..).

Tomorrow will be 36 weeks pregnant. We have almost finished the baby room, of course I am slacking on finishing the painting. Don’t worry, the paint is safe. The paint here is very different and has almost no smell. Its very thick like mud which is weird. Im trying my best to not feel guilty when I have a lazy day, like today. I realized that Im pretty active in my last trimester. I did walk almost 9 miles in Venice a few weeks ago! I also took control of the paddle boat for a while at the lake. We are really excited for the baby and I can’t BELIEVE its almost here. I do have a feeling we will come before the due date. We have to see the doc each week now which sucks because its 2 hours away. I also hate Budapest. Yes, I said it. Well, I don’t hate ALL of it. They do have more English speaking and cooler restaurants like a STARBUCKS!! The traffic is like New York City. It takes so long to get anywhere and car shopping has proved to be impossible in Budapest.  So for instance, we went to one car lot that actually had decent cars. We realized that they didn’t speak any English so we took it upon ourselves to check out the car. David opens the door to one Saab and the man came running over and motioned for him to not sit in the car. Then he closed the door to the car and walked away still watching us. We’ve noticed that they either don’t want to sell cars or they hate Americans. They don’t try to be helpful and they won’t even come down on prices!We walked right off that lot without another word. Everyone says “one owner, no accidents.” Hmmm… too bad the paint on the back of this car looks new. They also are known for turning back the odometer. Needless to say, car shopping has been hard.

Living in Europe has proved to be difficult. Nothing comes easy and everything seems to be a pain in the ass. We have made some good friends and I love our home. We are still waiting for air conditioning. Its 90 plus degrees this week! Hungarians have this saying. If you order something or need something to be done and you ask them how long it will take… they say “Two Weeks!”. Well two weeks means however long it takes them. So we are sweating and we have all the huge shades drawn on the house which totally darkens the house but it does provide a little relief. We should be getting it installed on Wednesday so cross your fingers!

So I promise to try to be better at blogging so stay tuned. Meanwhile, Im better at posting pictures on Facebook…

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