We Have Arrived!

Hi Everyone! We have been so busy since we landed I have hardly had time to write. We have jumped right into everything. So a brief rundown of what we have done so far…
May 11th- Saturday
 We arrived at 8:30am from Washington DC. We rode in a cargo van from Vienna to Papa which is about 2 hours. They dropped us at the hotel and we met with Roy Shepard who is one of Hank’s bosses. He’s he and the hotel staff helped us to our “Mexican Suite”. We took a 4 hour nap and then met up with Derek which is an Air Force buddy of Hanks along with a local guy who works for Boeing.  We walked around town then had dinner at Intro. The food was really good.
May 12th- Sunday
 The next day we went to Budapest (pronounced “Budapesht”) with about 12 people from Boeing. It was Roy’s wifes birthday and also Mother’s Day. It took a little less than 2 hours to get there, which of course we both fell asleep in the car. We ate at a Thai restaurant after visiting the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. After driving back to Papa we went to Roys for cake and ice cream. We got lots of advice from everyone which came in handy for the next two days.
May 13th- Monday
Met with Akos, our Inter-Relocation guide. He took us around Papa and showed us the grocery stores (Tesco and Interspar), the Base, the different sides of the town, and gave us advice about driving. We ate lunch in a small pub. We learned that you order the specials during lunch. (Its easier and the less Hungarian I have to try to speak the better!) We then met our realtors who pretty much took us to every dump in Papa. We told Akos finally that these realtors were wasting our time and to show us something good. The next two houses we beautiful and we had a hard time deciding. Ultimately we went with the last house which the landlord let us keep the nice furniture. Its so great! They are converting the garage into a third bedroom and a new garage has already been started in the back. We move in June 1st even though some of the remodeling won’t be done yet. The kitchen is a little bit ugly but I love the big windows and counter space.
May 14th- Tuesday
We went back to the new house to take measurements, then went to Metro ( like a CostCo) and Kika ( pretty much a Hungarian version of Ikea). We will be buying our closets from Kika and also rugs and lamps. We then went to Delta which is the appliance store Boeing uses. We have an allowance for each appliance such as a Tv ( which happens to be a 42″ LED LG), DVD, microwave, washer, dryer, frig, stove, and, dishwasher.

So Here are the things I learned about Hungary so far….
– It never gets dark! Sun comes up at 445am and sets around 930pm. I may kill myself in the winter, I hear it gets dark at 3pm…
-Everyone listens to American Pop music and wears T-shirts with English, but most people don’t speak the language soooo Im pretty sure they have no idea what their shirt says…
-Getting the tv to turn on to plugging in stuff has been a challenge.
-You have to put the hotel key card in the wall before you can turn on the lights.
-Everything closes on Saturday at 12pm and nothing is open on Sunday. (except bars and restaurants.) But thats all we really need anyways, right? The streets are BARE during this time, such a change from Charleston that literally never sleeps.
-People drive absolutely like lunatics. The tailgate and pass on curvy roads. Ill fit right in!
-So far the food is good. Very rich, and learning to eat big meals for Lunch and small at night is weird. Ketchup… not the same.
-Streets signs are ridiculous.
-Air conditioning? Nope…its a luxury. It also doesn’t help that people don’t bathe here it seems. One couple walked into the store and I almost died from the smell…
-The is a such thing as Storks. But they don’t deliver babies…I guess Im not getting out actually having this baby.
-I am CONVINCED people suffer from dehydration here. When you order water, you are given this tiny ass bottle of water. They also cost about $1.50. They are literally a sip. Service here is not what it is in the states. You have to hunt them down if you want something so I have decided to order 3 bottles of water at the start. Also, most drink mineral water here. You have to specify. Pink caps mean regular and blue is usually mineral. Too bad I already bought the wrong one…
-FLowers grow wild all over the sides of the roads. Red poppies are everywhere and they are sooo pretty! Everyone keeps flowers in from of their windows. Most popular are my favorites, orchids.
– Beds are never queens and kings. You have to put two twin beds together. They also give you two small comforters, which I like bc now they can’t be stolen from me.
-Saw my first pheasant and jack rabbit today. Those are the norm here.

I miss home. I miss my friends, my dogs, my family, and i miss the comforts of home. Moving into this house will help since Im living in a hotel which sucks. Today has made me feel better. Seeing the sunshine, standing in our new yard, and it not being so cold really made me feel like I am normal. I am struggling with the lack of independence. I don’t have a cell phone and I don’t have any money so I rely on Hank for everything. I can’t just take off to Target with my friends for fun. RIght now we only have Hungarian/German speaking TV. Sometimes you can get a british channel, just hearing English makes it feel normal. We are lucky to have Boeing helping us with so much. Tomorrow we go to Lake Balaton (largest lake in Europe) and this weekend we are going to Croatia to see our friends Dani and Chris Shea. We are driving down to the coast and I can’t wait to see some water! It really is beautiful in Hungary. My mood and attitude changes day to day. Sometimes I wake up (usually from a sleepless night) and miss my dogs and old life so bad I can stand it. But some points in the day, I love it here and don’t want to come back. (those are rare and last about 3 seconds.) I know I can make it through the year and I am grateful to be here. I never thought I’d be married to the love of my life, much less have a baby with him. These adventures will be great to tell the Grandkids…

Here are some pictures!

Our Mexican Hotel Room

Walking Street Papa

Cathedral in Papa

In the St. Stephens Cathedral


Our New Home!!

Backyard looking onto Porch


Our backyard pond

Proud of our new home

looking down our street to the right

Poppies growing like weeds

Our New Home!


our backyard

back porch

Hungarian “Costco”

Hungarian “Ikea”

Our ride for the last two days…

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