Final Countdown.. and enough tears to fill buckets

       We are in the final days and they have already proved to be the toughest. This past weekend we went to Florida and took Daisy to live with her Grandma. Even though Daisy is NOT my favorite animal in the world, I felt depressed the entire time. Its hard to put on a smile when you feel like your whole world is changing. Its also worse sitting by the beautiful pool in the backyard looking at the tropical palm trees blowing in the breeze and knowing you won’t be see that for a while! We left Sunday morning and said goodbye to Hank’s family. I held most of my tears and then fell apart as soon as I hit the car. Today was even worse. I woke up knowing I had to say goodbye to my parents, give up my dogs, and try and survive the dentist. Duke was excited to go (although I’m not sure he understood he wasn’t coming back) and Marley sat on my lap wondering why her brother was jumping up and down like a goof looking happy. I tried my BEST to hold most of the tears, but as soon as that door closed I gave up. Two hours later I took on the dentist… 3.5 hours later I was over the worst. 

      Hank and I went on a little date at the restaurant called The Wreck. Its a little hole in the wall restaurant on the water in Mount Pleasant. We watched the sun set and it was pretty nice. We are starting to realize our days of enjoying something like this might be limited… soon it won’t be just the two of us…
      Tomorrow starts the 3 days of repacking for the hundredth time and moving it all back to storage. There are so many loose ends that we have to tie up. Until you decide to move to another country, you will have NO idea how many things there are to do. However, if you want to run away from something like bills and such, you might want to consider this path. Trying to get a hold of people who live in a different country may be very difficult! 
     Our friends are still as supportive as ever. I want to be able to set aside time for all of them but with only 3 days to go and so much to do, Im not sure how much time we have. So bear with us guys! I promise I want to see everyone as much as I can!!!!
     I also promise that the blog won’t be sad and depressing like this one, I know the best is to come. Aside from the tons of goodbyes, we are so excited (and nervous) for the upcoming trip. Its hard to believe that in a few days we will be in Austria then Hungary. Our hotel is called the Villa Classica ( We will be staying here until we find a house. Not too shabby!! Im getting excited but still feel like a little girl leaving her mom and dad for the first time. 
Here are some pictures from today… 
Marley realizing that she had to leave. Yes, those are tears…

Duke, deliriously happy to go with Grandma. Silly Duke.

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