10 days to go…

So this will be the SECOND time I write this blog since I accidentally closed it….

      Okay, so 10 days before we leave the states and head to a place I know nothing about. Everyone says “Hungary! Yes, the food is good there!”. I think this is just a thing people say because they don’t know much else about the country, much less where it is on a map. Hey, I had to look it up too. Hank keeps telling people that we will live in a cottage with no electricity and the baby will be born in a manger….
They just sent us the approved housing list, and things are looking good from here! They are about 3-4 bedroom houses with little yards. Some don’t have showers, just a bathtub so those have CLEARLY been marked off the list. One house is purple and adorable. It makes me feel better to see that Hanks “manger” scene is all in his head.
     So far we have sold Window Wiz (today is the official last day as business owners!), sold our truck and jeep, sold our couch and one bedroom set, found places for all the animals, repacked our storage unit to fit the rest, paid our final rent, bought a ton of luggage and packed most of it,  and told our friends goodbye. We have done much more than that but I won’t bore you with how we sit on the computer filling our paperwork for our cross-cultural training…
  Everytime we tell someone about our move to Hungary, the first thing they ask is, “Whoa, how does your mom feel about this?”. They are usually surprised by my answer that our parents have been more than supportive! They have even taken on our furry children. Duke and Marley will be in Rock Hill with Meme and Pepaw ( sorry Dad, I just HAD to) and Daisy along with our African Grey Zuri will be in sunny Florida with Grandma Capitola. We couldn’t be more thankful to our parents for doing this. Oh, and probably one of the most important.. the Grandparents in Fort Mill will be babysitting our new “Slingbox” which will enable us to receive American tv overseas… Im not sure which one is more important- the Kardashians or Marley…
  Im getting really excited, yet the reality of the situation comes on more and more each day. I have definitely cried a good bit, as Im sure Hank will when he officially hands over the keys to the truck, and the leashes of Daisy and Duke… but Im already a bucket of tears. This experience will hopefully be like no other and Id rather do it now before we are older and just can’t. I don’t want to have any regrets in life and I know if we didn’t do this we would always wonder. Not to mention we can see all of Europe ( praying that little baby collins is more like his momma than his dad when he is little!) We are hoping to go to Greece, Austria ( well at least we fly there first), France, Spain, Germany, and of course Italy.
   First things are first though… we have to get there, settle into the hotel, find a house, and then drive to Budapest to IKEA to purchase some furniture including all the baby stuff. We also need a stroller since the idea of shipping did not pan out. Then we have to find a hospital ( preferably one who has SOMEONE who speak English). The giving birth is scaring me to DEATH. Yes, Im terrified of pain. I mean, I’m trying to figure out how to get out of going to the dentist tomorrow… I hate it!!!
Thank god I have a husband that is so supportive and excited for this baby. ( He sees other babies and tells ours to hurry up.) I know we will get through it. However, if he jokes one more time that he thinks women make it out to be more painful than it is… I might throw him out of the plane. This is also the same guy who has been complaining about a “foot injury”. Don’t worry, he just scrapped himself on the concrete. He’s fine.
So with everything wrapping up, we will keep you updated… Our flight is booked on May 11th. We fly out of Charleston to D.C, have a short layover and then fly to Vienna, Austria. Then we will hop in a van and be driven to Papa, Hungary…. It will be noon when we leave and 8am when we arrive. Im not sure how we will stay away for that long…

Little Marley- my attempts to take her with me…


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