Surfs Up Baby Shower

Last weekend my amazing friends Season, Nicole, and Layne threw me a Beach and Surfing Themed shower. Since we are leaving soon, they had to quickly jump on the ball of planning. It was beautiful!! We had southern food including fried chicken, collard greens, mac and cheese, meatballs, and my favorite… fried okra! My mom and 3 sisters came down from Rock Hill as well as Hank’s parents. I couldn’t have asked for more! We received tons of sweet gifts and everyone was so great for buying us things that we can easily pack and ship. We had to take our stroller back that Hanks parents got for us, but we are just reordering it through the website so shipping wont be so expensive.  I cant thank my friends enough for all they did for us. Just tonight I was writing thank you cards and literally crying. I get overwhelmed how great everyone has been through this craziness. My sister Peyton brought the camera and did an AMAZING job capturing all the moments! She seriously has a talent in photography and I’m so proud of her! Thanks to everyone for everything! 

                                                Surf’s Up Baby Shower Theme!

                                            Layne helping me keep track of the gifts

                                            Cake made by Kalan Giniger,it was AMAZING!!

                                          Wondering how we got so lucky…

                                          Taking a look the next day at all the goodies!

                                            Designed by Season Salyer

                                           Layne, Nicole, and Season… the best shower hosts!

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