…And so it begins…

Hi Everyone! I’m starting a blog for our family and friends to be able to keep up with us on our new journey! 

       We have had a lot happen to us in the recent months… We are expecting a little baby boy, we got married, and now we are moving to Hungary. Sometimes life takes us where we NEVER thought we’d be, but I couldn’t be happier… or more stressed! We only have a month to go (May 11th to be exact) before we board a plane to a new life in Hungary. For those of you who don’t know, here is a little background. Hank was offered a job by Boeing to take a temporary assignment in Hungary. I’m not sure of any technical terms but I know he will be working on C-17 planes almost exactly the same job he does for the US Air Force. So we are packing it all up and boarding a plane to a new life. I can say at this point, the hardest part is preparing for the move. We have moved in together, sold his house, boxed up everything we own but the dogs and a bed, and we now live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Our living room houses our bed and the apartment was NOT move in ready. We wore shoes to the bathroom for 2 days…ick.
 We decided to sell our Exterior Cleaning company that Hank started 6 years ago. Our original plan was to move to Florida, which we still full intend on doing in a years time. So we still have an offer on a home in Satellite Beach, so hopefully we will have that to come back to. We love it down there and after hanging out in Hungary for a year in some very cold temperatures… we will be glad we have Florida’s warm weather to come back too! 
So far we have gotten passports, international drivers licenses, new drivers licenses, physicals, and psychological interviews ( yes we passed…). We have sold a car and hoping to sell a few other things along with our other truck. 
Its really hard leaving behind your family, your friends, and maybe the hardest part is leaving the dogs… But I cant talk about that yet… not ready.. Anyhow, the stresses of working plus trying to uproot your life in only 4 weeks is a large task. It almost makes you forget all the things your are sad or scared about. Its not like this is the first time someone has moved a family across the sea so I have faith that we can make it. In just a short time the ways we are used to doing things will change. Not to mention the crying baby in the background (dear God please let the baby be more like me when I was a kid…) We are going to have to rely on each other solely. Everything will be different. The money, the climate, the language, the cars, the houses… 
     I bet you have as many questions as I do, if not more since Ive barely begun to process it. I want to thank our families and friends for all their support. Without it, we would be lost. To the friends who are throwing us baby showers, going away parties, and standing by us through it all… I cant even tell you how much you mean!! So subscribe to our blog and keep up with us:)

One thought on “…And so it begins…

  1. Hey Tay! Glad you got this up and running…I'd love to design it for you though! You and David will do great…I know you can make it through anything..can't wait to meet Baby Collins..xoxo

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